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Jailed church leaders that beat up Korean girl lose appeal

June 16th, 2006 . by Matt

Here is an update on of an older post, ‘Korean Church Members in Sydney Beat Girl‘. NineMSN reports

Two Sydney church leaders who beat a teenage parishioner to persuade her to “mend her ways” have lost appeals against the severity of their jail terms.

However, Chi Yeong Yun and James Kang will both walk free from prison on Saturday, after serving 12-month sentences.

In July 2004, Yun, 38, and Kang, 22, pleaded guilty to assaulting 19-year-old Angela Kim.

Last year, both were jailed by the District Court for 12 months, but appealed against the severity of the sentences.

The Court of Criminal Appeal has now dismissed Kang’s appeal – but his jail term has expired.

Justices David McLellan, Megan Latham and Peter Hall found the jail terms were not excessive, considering that Ms Kim had been “physically and psychologically brutalised”.

But the court reduced Yun’s term by six days to take into account time spent in custody awaiting sentence. His adjusted sentence expires on Saturday.

Yun was the junior pastor and Kang a youth worker at the Open Door Presbyterian Church, at Chatswood in Sydney’s north, which was regularly attended by Ms Kim’s parents.

This article finally shows the reason for the beating – as I suspected, it had something to do with a boy.

In June 2004, Ms Kim, a student at Ravenswood private school, visited her boyfriend in New Zealand without her parents’ knowledge.

On July 8 Kang, a family friend, lured her to Bobbin Head where he, Yun, and another man, Bible study teacher Chae-Young Lee, assaulted her.

The court was told Yun dragged Ms Kim from the car, kicked her, hit her and repeatedly tripped her to the ground.

Kang hit her on the head with his knuckles and Lee slapped her face, hit her and kicked her shin.

Yun told her: “You are not like a human, you are like an animal” and made her lie face down on the ground while he berated her for her lifestyle.

The teenager suffered severe bruising to much of her body in the attack.

Two nights later the three assailants went to Ms Kim’s home, where Kang smashed her CD player because he thought she was not changing her ways quickly enough.

Yun told police he had been trying to help Ms Kim’s parents to exert some authority over her, in view of her “unacceptable behaviour”.

He admitted recruiting Kang and Lee.

The lawyers for the guilty parties tried to argue that because they were Koreans, they were ‘entitled’ to more lenient sentences because, get this, they are Korean!

Lawyers for Yun and Kang argued that they were entitled to more lenient sentences because they had suffered “hardship, shame and embarrassment” which sent a salutary message to the Korean community and their church.

But the judges were not fooled by that argument (especially since as far as I could see, the guilty recieved a lot of support from the Korean community).

But the appeal judges disagreed, rejecting submissions that the men were “fundamentally well-meaning agents of the victim’s parents and the church, who wanted … to persuade her to ‘mend her ways'”.

Case closed. If you live in Australia, follow Australian laws and dont ask for special rights.

4 Responses to “Jailed church leaders that beat up Korean girl lose appeal”

  1. comment number 1 by: tomato

    I guess they will see it as Japan’s fault in the end…

  2. comment number 2 by: Mechamorph

    They have no idea how lucky they are to be living under Australian laws. If they had pulled this stunt here in sunny Singapore, we would have locked them up and thrown away the key.

  3. comment number 3 by: KimchiPie

    Koreans flock to nations like the USA and quickly make slums. Those Koreans usually hate that nation. However chinese or any other asians that move to usa/canada etc seem to fit in well and become great citizens. Only Koreans act this way.

  4. comment number 4 by: BananaBoi

    Bobbin Head brings back good childhood memories for me. I often went there for fishing and BBQ with my family and friends. It viles me to see Korean religious representatives (satanic devils) desecrate my fishing grounds with their so called holy acts of righteousness (assualting an innocent teenage girl). If I was the judge, I would prolong the sentence.