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Japan prepares to invade Korea…

June 22nd, 2005 . by Matt

A picture of Korea at night – the North is totally dark.

North Korea has warned the UN that Japan is preparing to invade Korea.

In the letter delivered to Annan on Feb. 7, North Korean ambassador Park Kil-yon said that Japan’s right-wingers are laying claim to Tokto, Korea’s easternmost islets, as an excuse to raid the Korean Peninsula.

“Japan is modernizing its war machinery and relocating them to spur its military into action,’’ Park was quoted by the North’s Korean Central Broadcasting Station as saying. “Japan’s military expenditure is only second to the United States.’’

He argued that Japan’s first target is North Korea because Japanese forces are attaching great importance to its west coast.

Since the continent of Asia is on Japans western side (over the Sea of Japan, which Koreans describe as the ‘East Sea’), it makes sense for Japan to focus its forces in the west, as there is only the empty Pacific Ocean in the East. Unfortunately, many Koreans in the South will credulously believe this crude North Korean propaganda, because South Korean anti-Japanese education makes them believe that the Japanese are capable of anything.

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