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Japanese student says she was sexually harassed

June 26th, 2007 . by Matt

Junko Sagawa
Student Junko Sagawa says she was sexually harassed

Robert from the Marmots Hole is reporting about a Japanese student that appears on a talk show Korea claiming to have been sexually harassed by a Korean teacher.

And from the Ministry of Complete Tabloid Crap, we have this tale — the Ilgan Sports reports that on Sunday’s episode of KBS’s talk show “The Beauties’ Chatterbox,” Japanese college student Sagawa Junko caused a stir by claiming that one of her Korean university professors offered to give her a good grade in return for sex.

During the episode, in which the ladies were discussing incidents of sexual harassment they’d experienced in Korea, Junko said that in her freshman year, she’d missed several classes in one of her courses. She then received a call from the professor of the class, who told her that Japanese women are better in the sack then Korean women, and that if she slept with him, he wouldn’t penalize her for her missed classes. Or so she claimed.

Viewers were shocked.

She followed up her admission by claiming that said professor had propositioned other foreign students from Asia, including another Japanese student, in a similar fashion.

Go and read the rest at the Marmots Hole, where I am commenting under my nom de plume, shakuhachi.

2 Responses to “Japanese student says she was sexually harassed”

  1. comment number 1 by: Errol

    Gochu for Grades? A small but frequent problem in Korean schools.

  2. comment number 2 by: egg

    I hope that these kinds of things will never happen again (not South Korea only). But I guess it is hard to get rid of them completely and all we can do is to keep trying(Sigh).