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‘K-Town’ — Like ‘Jersey Shore,’ But wid Koreans

July 21st, 2010 . by Errol

TMZ have an article on the: ‘new reality show “K-Town” — billed as an Asian version of “Jersey Shore” — will do for Asians what the original “JS” did for Italians. And that’s not a good thing.’

Check out the link.

Korean Americana

“TMZ has obtained this cast reel for the new show — which has only shot its pilot and hasn’t been picked up by a network yet. There’s definitely a Situation or two, a Snooki, a Pauly D type (who is most likely a club promoter, not a DJ) and their version of Jwoww goes by Jwao (kidding).”

2 Responses to “‘K-Town’ — Like ‘Jersey Shore,’ But wid Koreans”

  1. comment number 1 by: KittyGeorge

    You can read that Oden-like characters, can’t you.
    Do you think the content of following site is true?

  2. comment number 2 by: Errol

    The blogger is lamenting the pitiful Korean government. Unlikely scenario, as USA, Russia and Japan have publicly expressed zero desire to get involved in an invasion of North Korea.

    The president, prime minister and leader of the incumbent party in South Korea are all draft dodgers. Bellicose rhetoric is to be expected.

    Just another Sorkizen who would be better off playing Starcraft instead of writing blogs.

    China Faction in Pyongyang is desperate to become a province of China. They fear the Ceauşescu Solution.

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