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Kokuhaku: Pictures 2

August 8th, 2006 . by Darin

All totaled there are 16 pages of pictures in Kokuhaku. Some pages have multiple pictures bringing the total number of pictures to 39. In my first post, I included 13 pictures. In this second post I included the remaining 26 pictures and will being to post information from the book itself next time.

Upper Left: 1986. Me with Mika and Brinda. In the background on the bottom left you can see the roof of our old house.
Upper Right:
1985. Brinda.
Bottom Left:
1986. Family of four.
Bottom Right:
Hitomi, Mika and myself. Taken in front of our home.

Click here for the first set of pictures, or continue for the rest.

1984. Hitomi, Mika, and myself. Taken at the Daesonsan Castle park outside of Pyongyang. Behind us you can see the old castle wall.

Left: 1988 or ’89. Mika.
1988 or ’89. Each wearing their only pretty dress.
1988 or ’89. Mika, Brinda and Hitomi, in front of the Pyongyang Department Store.

End of September, 2002. At the Hotel Pyongyang Koryo. Here Hitomi had blood drawn to confirm her identity and it was the first time a formal explanation was given about her chance of returning to Japan.

October 15th, 2002. Taken with Kim Hye Gyong (daughter of Yokota Megumi) the day Hitomi went home.

October 15th, 2002. Taken at the Pyongyang Airport parking lot directly before Hitomi left for Japan. To the left of Brinda is Kim Hye Gyong, daughter of Yokota Megumi. The necktie I am wearing is the same necktie I wore at our wedding in 1980.

October 15th, 2002. Taken at the Pyongyang Airport on the day Hitomi went home. The man I am chatting with is a member of the team of Japanese representatives, and (at the time) was a councilor with the Department of Foreign Affairs. Brinda and Mika are also pictured.

Above: May or June 2004. From the left: Gabi Dresnok, Michael Parrish, Ricky Parrish, Brinda, James Joseph Dresnok, Shi’am Parrish, Jerry Parrish [for some reason it says, “Nahi Parrish” for the name of the last person, but I suspect it is Jerry Parrish.]
May or June 2004. Mika is sitting in the “pool” in our yard; a small 3x5x1 meter area we would fill with water and the kids could play in during the sumer when they were small. The dog is a pet of the advisor. The boy on the right is Dresnok and Dada’s son Tony, who was 4 at the time.

Top: May or June 2004. Brinda and her beloved dog before going to Japan. We needed to take a picture for her citizen’s card, and took this snap shot with the remaining film.
May 1st, 2004. Mika’s 21st Birthday Party. “Management” organized the party at our home in Pyongyang we were temporarily living in. This party was used in North Korean propaganda which claimed “the government of Japan abducted Hitomi.” The caption says, “their mother is gone.”

Above: Late June or Early July 2004. At 牡丹山 (moransan?). From Left to Right: Brinda, Myself, a local guide, “Chiefs of Staff”, Mika, and the driver.
Late June or Early July 2004. At 牡丹山 (moransan?). I put 500 wan in the glass donations box and made a wish — so that I may flee from North Korea quickly!

The ferry permit the Japanese government issued, valid only for a ferry from Indonesia to Japan on July 18th, 2004.
The Kim Il-Sung badge we had on when we came to Japan.

Above: The letter I wrote to Hitomi on October 25th, 2003. After going trough the North Korean censors, some parts had been erased and there are multiple additions that are not my writing.
Bottom Left:
The letter Hitmomi wrote to me on November 9th, 2002.
Bottom Right:
A translated article from a Japanese newspaper given to me by North Korea in hope that I would not go to Japan. The article was about me and America’s plans for charging me if I were to return.

Top: June 2005. Hitomi and Mother.
Middle Right:
October 2004. At my home while in Camp Zama.
Bottom Right:
October 2004. In headquarters at Camp Zama.
Bottom Left:
May 10th, 2005. In the garden at Hitomi’s home planting sweet potatoes.

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