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Korean Broadcasting cuts transgender show

September 16th, 2012 . by Errol

트랜스젠더 토크쇼 방송 보류에 ‘비난 봇물’

“KBS network has decided to cut* its latest talk show “XY She” after complaints about the program that boasts a panel of transgender contestants.

A network spokesperson said it is too early to tell if the show will be scrapped altogether.

“It will be the nation’s first transgender talk show,” said a spokesperson for KBS in August.

“Obviously, we thought there would be no one better to host the show than the nation’s first ‘out’ celebrity, Hong Suk-chun.”

Carla Sunwoo, Joongang Daily, 17 September 2012

* Yet another Canuckistani sub-editor giggling all the way to the bank

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