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Korea Registered “Comfort Women” for UN Soldiers

March 21st, 2007 . by Gerry-Bevers

The following is a September 14, 1961 article from the Donga Ilbo (link supplied by Ken) and my translation:

“UN Soldier Comfort Women Registration Starts on the 13th”

From the _3th, as planned, the Seoul Metropolitan Police transferred the authority to register comfort women for UN soldiers to the front-line offices of the city’s Social Bureau (UN Soldiers’ Comfort Women VD Control Section).

Officials said, however, that this registration applies to women living with even one foreigner, regardless of legal marital status, and to women working as comfort women for UN soldiers.

Link to Enjoy Korea Discussion Board (Japanese)

It seems the South Korean government did not have a problem with the concept of “comfort women” back in the 1960s. It also seems that even Korean women married to foreigners had to register.

28 Responses to “Korea Registered “Comfort Women” for UN Soldiers”

  1. comment number 1 by: AG

    I’m curious where the record was found; in Japan or Korea (or elsewhere)?
    If it was in Korea, does it mean that Koreans hadn’t destroyed it or totally forgot about it?
    If it was in Japan, will Korean say that it’s been fabricated?
    I would love to hear UN’s comment on this.
    Oh, and Mr. Honda’s, too.

  2. comment number 2 by: hana

    Gerry san
    Sept.1.is wrong date.
    Sept.14.1961.is correct date.
    It originaly come from Nidanosuke san’s blog.
    There also have phot copy of articles which Korean pimps were arrested by police.

  3. comment number 3 by: dogbert

    My goodness…I did not know the all-too-common Korean stereotype of Korean women involved with Western men as “whores” was legally sanctioned.


  4. comment number 4 by: GarlicBreath

    Korean government got comfort whores? The following is a list of excuses soon to be said by Korean apologists.

    -Well the UN must have made them.
    -Korea was very weak at that time and the Americans and UN made them turn innocent Korean maidens into whores.
    -Its not their fault Korea was ruled by a ruthless military dictatorship who was a japanaphile.
    -The only reason why this is even discussed is because you hate Korea.
    -Japan’s occupation of Korea warped Korea into doing this.
    -Japan is much worse.
    -America was occupying little Korea and they had no choice.
    -The Donga ilbo was a pro Japanese newspaper.
    -This story is all lies.
    -Kimchi prevents SARS and Koreans are worshiped all over Asia.
    -You must have been dumped by a Korea woman.
    -This is lie because, because, because.. you fucking yankee.

  5. comment number 5 by: Kaneganese


    As hana pointed out, the article is from 14th Sep. not 1st. You can see the whole page on Mr.Nidanosuke’s blog (which I sort of already mentioned about). And the person who was arrested was not Korean pimp, but Korean former comfort woman who was told to become prostitute by her parents. You can see the English explanation on Zero’s blog. You can even know the names and the address of those people.
    “This woman became a prositutue, in accordance with her parents’ will, out of poverty, at the comfort station of Imperial army at Nanjing through in 1938 the agent 徐 at (agent’s address) and returned to Korea this August.”

    A Review of Data on Trafficking in the Republic of Korea by International Organization for Migration

  6. comment number 6 by: Kaneganese

    Third sentence of my above comment is for hana’s #2 comment.

  7. comment number 7 by: hana

    Nidanosuke san’s March 11th,and Zero san’s March 12th are what I meant.
    Name of arrested are not Japanese.
    So I thought they would Korean or maybe Chinese?

  8. comment number 8 by: hana

    I guss my cmment was trashed until Kaneganese san conformed. It means my cmment 7 olso just trash. I understood.
    At least Kaneganese san should check what I meant. What you said is not the one I meant.

  9. comment number 9 by: Ken

    The comfort women who were registered at that time would claim to UN mainly the USA decades later, “We were coerced by American soldiers. Apologize! Compensate!”.
    The son of a Honda supported by China will appear on Congress.
    The top of the world in the field of human sales is Korea even now as follows, though.

  10. comment number 10 by: Kaneganese


    Now I understand what you meant. Yes, those articles on 11th March by Mr. Nidanosuke describes Korean pimps and brothel owners who illegaly kidnapped or deceived women to be prostitute and Japanese police actually tried to arrest them. Actually, I also mentioned about this articles almost a week ago on another thread and I guess that made me confused. My apologies, hana san.

  11. comment number 11 by: HanComplex

    GarlicBreath, my thoughts exactly.
    So, are Koreans still going to deny the existence of comfort women? Heck, this isn’t even a long time ago–1961 is recent history. Do Koreans have collective amnesia or something? I guess if it makes them look bad it’s OK to pin the blame on other nations.

    C’mon now Koreans, show some Korean pride! It’s up there in black and white. I know you can’t read the headline in Chinese characters but the content is written in your kiddie script so I’m sure you can understand it. If you can be so proud of your superior culture and its vulgar script, turtle ship, etc. you can as sure be proud of your comfort women as well. If you can be as loud and obnoxious in rallying your teams during international sports events why can’t you rally for your comfort women, too, which you now mass export to the US and elsewhere around the world. Show some consistency for a change.
    Korean pride, baby!!!1 Fighting!

  12. comment number 12 by: GarlicBreath

    Yes they do have collective amnesia. And anybody who attempts to tell the truth of this ugly history is called a racist.

  13. comment number 13 by: kjeff

    Come on… Please stop these collective masturbations!!!

  14. comment number 14 by: ponta

    The article just fit with what a Professor Kim says about comfort station during Korean War.


    Korea had the comfort station like comfort station under Japanese rule.

    The article writes as if Japanese comfort station was worse, but that is groundless.
    Contrary to what the article says, Japanese troop didn’t mobilized women as a comfort women as a part of national mobilization.

    Korea troop set up the brothel, transferred women, run the brothel. And it is likely that they also recruited women.
    (Japanese troop didn’t run the brothel, didn’t
    recruited women, at least directly)

    Why is it those who keep accusing Japan Korean media, the blogger in Korea, despite the fact Japan apologized and set up funds, keep ignoring it despite the fact Korea hasn’t apologized?

    I really want to know why?
    Do they really want to improve the situation of the women ? Or Do they just want to bash Japan?


    Come on… Please stop these collective masturbation!!!

    Are you talking to those I mentioned above?

  15. comment number 15 by: hana

    Kaneganese san
    Thank you for your reply.
    I little up set last night,but it over.
    What I wrote was not clear to understand and made you confuse. I am sorry too.
    BTW,couse of wrong date began when someone used Nidanosuke san’s blog article with wrong date. I believe Nidanosuke san is a right person who get credit finding this news paper article.
    Maybe no one care about such things in the web including this blog.

  16. comment number 16 by: egg

    I wonder has the UN and Korean government conpensated or at least apologized for this? Or in these cases were all the comfort women willing (I mean they had chances to participate in other jobs but went ahead to prostitute themselves because of high wages or something.)? If it is the case I will feel relieved.

    By the way, just a question but, do they want apologies or conpensations now? (If they want them, and if they were forced, I think the UN and the Korean government should provide them.) It is my imagination but they might just want to forget it.
    And I wonder how they are feeling about former comfort women who are trying to get more from the Japanese government(They will be reminded about their past by the movement.).

    There are much things that I should know about this.

  17. comment number 17 by: egg

    My comments at No.16

    (If they want them, and if they were forced, I think the UN and the Korean government should provide them.)

    should be

    “(If they want them, and if they were forced, I think the UN and the Korean government should provide apologies at least.)”

  18. comment number 18 by: GarlicBreath

    Come on… Please stop these collective masturbation!!!

    A national circle jerk.

  19. […] https://www.occidentalism.org/?p=567 […]

  20. comment number 20 by: kteen

    Why does nobody seem to understand the difference between ‘prostitution’ and ‘rape’?
    The ‘comfort women’ you’re talking about is just a common prostitute(and there’s no army in the world without them).
    The real ‘comfort women’ issue has nothing to do with this.

  21. comment number 21 by: ponta


    he ‘comfort women’ you’re talking about is just a common prostitute(and there’s no army in the world without them).

    When there is no army in the world without them, then why did Japanese troop have to have the one
    different form the common one?
    Keep in mind, Korea had the comfort stations during Korean War exactly like the one under Japanese rule.
    The difference is this.

    The US army had the brothel and military doctor gave the women VD test during Vietnam War.

    The US has been tacitly approved the brothels where military is and let the local run them.
    The US are not concerned with the situation of women, but the prositute were often deceived and abducted by the local pimps.

    Japan and German during the world war two and Korea during Korean War set up the brothels, transferred women, gave VD test.
    In case of Korea, it seems Korean troop directly run the brothels. In case of Japan, Japan let the private citizen run it and regulated pimps and brothels owners.

    Women in all cases were working, in most of the cases, out of economic necessity. and in some cases they found it hard to reject the customers they didn’t like.

    In all cases, there were rapes.But that is another story.

  22. comment number 22 by: MarkA

    I think this registration reflects Korean men’s fear of foreign diseases more than anything else, not to mention the fact that this registration would also make the women social outcastes.

    Even today, many of the finest Korean whores will refuse service to foreigners out of fear that they may lose their regular johns who would consider them “unclean” afterwards.

  23. comment number 23 by: kteen

    Does the word ‘FORCED’ sound foreign to you?

  24. comment number 24 by: ponta


    Do you think Korean prostitutes during Korean War willingly , and happily became prostitutes on their own will, and they were happy and so satisfied with the UN soldiers and Korean soldiers who were their customers that they freely rejected the business when they felt like it?

  25. comment number 25 by: Ken

    Eventually Korean seems to have started saying that all women from 12 to 40 years old were coerced to be Comfort Women by Japan during WW2 as follows.
    http://dc.koreadaily.com/Asp/article.asp?sv=dc&src=opn&cont=opn&aid= 20070322061856100100

  26. comment number 26 by: egg

    Do you think Korean prostitutes during Korean War willingly , and happily became prostitutes on their own will, and they were happy and so satisfied with the UN soldiers and Korean soldiers who were their customers that they freely rejected the business when they felt like it?

    Again, I will be relieved if this was the case.

  27. comment number 27 by: ぼやきチャンプルー



  28. comment number 28 by: GarlicBreath

    Corean sex slaves.
    When will Corean people stop this barbaric act if kidnapping and selling human beings into sex slavery.

    On average, the girls claimed to have engaged in sexual intercourse with 3 to 10 men per night.
    If the girls refuse to engage in sexual intercourse, the male customers would complain to Song Ja Cha who would allegedly shout and become verbally abusive to the girls pressuring them to have sex with the customers to make them “happy.”

    Song Ja Cha allegedly withheld meals from the girls who refused to have sex with customers or when customers were not satisfied. On at least one occasion, she allegedly slapped, kicked the legs and pulled the hair of one of the girls after a customer complained that she refused to engage in sexual intercourse.

    Its very sad that real corean culture is like this.