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Korean bee man declares “Dokdo is Korean!”

November 3rd, 2005 . by Matt

Have you heard of the ‘Korean bee man‘? If not, here is some information about him.

Taegu, Oct 23: A South Korean man covered his whole body with a mantle of live bees on October 20.

Ahn Sang-gyu covered his body with 260,000 bees, only leaving his eyes, nose and parts of his face uncovered near the World Cup stadium in Taegu, 300 km (186 miles) southeast of Seoul.

The 43-year-old beekeeper also rode a bicycle and inline skated.

Ahn first put 10 queen bees on himself, and the rest of the bees swarmed to his body in two hours. The bees were estimated to weigh almost 50 kilogrammes.

Although Ahn has been stung hundreds of times, his body has evolved to become increasingly immune to bee stings.

Now the Korean bee man has declared his position on the Dokdo/Takeshima issue – that Dokdo is Korean territory.

‘Dokdo is Korean territory’ – how could a man with 260,000 bees covering his body be wrong?

Some of the commenters were a bit doubtful about the sincerity of woman that made the ‘Dokdo apology cakes‘, so I have decided not to believe her until she bakes an apology cake while covered with 260,000 bees. Kidding aside, can anyone make out what the Korean bee man means by 대마도 물론 입니다? There seems to be something written to the right that I cannot make out.

Update: Thanks to Jeff, I was able to confirm that 대마도 물론 입니다 means ‘of course Tsushima [is Korean too]’. Tsushima is a Japanese island and not the subject of any dispute.

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