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Korean bosses refuse to pay bonuses or overtime

September 8th, 2011 . by Errol

Not foreign DDD workers, but young Korean nationals. Lee Myung-bak’s low won-high inflation policy hits the coffee shops.

Korean kid walks up to the counter for his weekly pay. “No bonus for you!”

It’s like a Seinfeld sketch.

“The Youth Community Union (YCU) surveyed part-time staff of 251 outlets of the seven major franchises nationwide — Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Caffe Bene, Angel-in-us, Starbucks, Caffe Pascucci, Tom N Toms Coffee and A Twosome Place.

According to the survey, 100 percent of the 40 Coffee Bean surveyed outlets did not pay the extra wage. The percentage stood at 91 percent for Caffe Bene and 70 percent for Starbucks.”

Most coffee outlets underpay part-timers

The Korea Times 09-07-2011

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