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Korean Broadcasting System – Manchuria is our territory

September 8th, 2009 . by Matt

According to this article, KBS, the Korean national television broadcaster, had a television program shown between 29/08/2009 to 05/09/2009 called “Manchuria big investigation” that claimed that Manchuria is land belonging to the Korean race, and that the Qing Dynasty emperors were descendants of Koreans.

Other quotes from the program –

*The Manchu Liao river area civilization started at 6000BC, 1000 years before the flower of civilization blossomed at the Yellow River.
*In 3500BC the Hongshan civilization had the rudiments of a forming nation-state.
*The Yellow River and Liao River civilizations are definitely different. In artifacts from the Liao River civilization, there are earrings and the like that look exactly like those exhumed in Korea.

The program goes on to say that Manchuria had deep connections to Korea (and not China).

In relation to the program, the chief of a Chinese social science research institute said, “Some Korean people arbitrarily fabricate history. Currently from the result of archeological studies, we know that the Liao River, Yellow River, and Yangtze River civilizations are an important source in the inheritance of Chinese civilization”. He rejected that Korean theory that the ancestors of Manchurians were all Koreans, saying that Korean related people were ethnic minorities.

The reaction on the Chinese side this time has not really been anger (it has on past occasions). This time a lot of them are laughing about it and making sarcastic comments.


On a portal website, two polls was taken about this issue. Asked how they felt about the show, “feel resentment” was 29%, “want to laugh” was 69%, and “don’t care” was 3%. On the question of, “with the Korean media doing this kind of conduct, does it lower your general opinion of Korea?”. “Opinion lowered” was 89.3%, “not lowered” was 3%, and “don’t care” was 7.7%.

Although some of the comments were of anger or of scholarly rebuttal, many were humorous in nature. Comments included, “Koreans change history at their own convenience”, “how funny, what poor people”, “if South Korea unites with North Korea, then it will be doubly funny”, “Korean’s ancestors are Martians. Go back to Mars ASAP”, “that’s right. The Koreans that carried out the big bang were the first ones on the earth to carve the two characters 韓国 (Korea) on a stone”, etc.

7 Responses to “Korean Broadcasting System – Manchuria is our territory”

  1. comment number 1 by: koreanrumdiary

    You have to feel sorry for Koreans from time to time… They’re so damned delusional.

  2. comment number 2 by: Errol

    Laughable. Manchuria was never part of Korea and more significantly will never be part of Korea. Koreans in Dongbei have been assimilated. Joseonjok know the best chance for their kids is to learn putonghua in a Chinese school rather than Korean in a Korean school.

    Across the Yalu Jiang they can see the basket case of North Korea and after dealing with arrogant South Koreans they know that Korean soap operas are not the reality of life in Korea.

    Only housewives are watching daytime Korean soap operas. Young Joseon-jok are too busy trying to become part of the world’s fastest growing economy. Korea (North and South) is a hermit backwater that has been bypassed by Deng Xiao Ping’s mantra of looking outward for China.

  3. comment number 3 by: VG86

    This is just laughable. No, im not talking about this incident. Im talking about Matt and the buffoons angered by it. It only takes 20 seconds to check KBS’s schedule to see if they actually ran a program called “Manchuria big investigation” from 29/08/2009 to 05/09/2009.


    Turns out such a program does not exist. Oh boy, how embarrassing on your part lol. Heres a tiny tiny hint Matt, the next time you bring up something negative about Koreans. Please make sure its actually true, and not an unsubstantiated Internet rumor/lie that is easily disproven. Even if such a program did exist, It could easily be manipulated. For instance-

    I remember how Chinese netizens flipped into a bloody rage when a Korean book claimed that half of Chinas territory belonged to Korea. Unfortunately for prejudiced people like yourself, the book was revealed to be nothing more than a childrens nursery book that had nothing to do with Korea or China. Rumors and assumptions do not make a great story. Believing every single unproven internet rumor does not make you intelligent. Oh well, hopefully you’ve learned your lesson . Oh wait, nevermind.


    P.S: Errol, your view of history is laughable and easily contradicts most history books. The first paragraph is downright hilarious due to its inaccuracy.

  4. comment number 4 by: Errol

    All your Korea belong to us. The Great Push Southward has begun.

    China Hints at Substantial Economic Aid to N.Korea

    “China is apparently poised to give substantial economic aid to North Korea when Premier Wen Jiabao visits the impoverished country on Oct. 4-6.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters Tuesday that several agreements will be signed with North Korea in areas including economy, trade, education and tourism.”

    Looks like Lee Myoung-bak’s tough line has led to the ROK being gazumped.

  5. comment number 5 by: Matt

    VG86, it is the one called 역사스페셜. Within the 역사스페셜 they had the “Manchuria big investigation” that annoyed the Chinese people. The 역사스페셜 is in the link you provided.

    While there might be a couple of false rumors about Koreans claiming this or that as their territory, you should ask yourself why such rumors are believed. They are believed because they are making such claims all the time. If someone said that the boy that called wolf was saying that wolves were about again, then he would probably be believed.

    Anyway, I hope that you will be telling your fellow Koreans about not claiming other peoples territory, and hope you have an ethical stand on returning Takeshima to Japan 🙂

  6. comment number 6 by: Errol

    VG86 September 23rd, 2009 at 06:31

    Errol, … the first paragraph is downright hilarious due to its inaccuracy.

    If you visit Manchuria, like Lankov and myself, you would have a different concept of accuracy.

    Ethnic Koreans in Yanbian

    Korea Times

    Andrei Lankov

    06-14-2007 16:21

    However, college education is in Mandarin, and entrance exams are in Mandarin, too. The Korean parents know that Chinese language schools give their children better chances to go to college. The result is a dramatic decline in enrollment in the Koreans schools. In a middle school in Longjing where in the 1970s there were 400 students, now there are merely 39 students.

  7. comment number 7 by: HanComplex

    Not really surprised with this. Koreans live in a fantasy world where they’re superior than Chinese and/or Japanese and history flows from them. Hilarious.

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