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Korean media wheels out foreigner that agrees

August 18th, 2008 . by Matt

The Korean media wheels out foreigners from time to time to say that Dokdo belongs to Korea. This time Mark Lovmo is featured in the Korea Times.

An American elementary school teacher said Sunday that the United States should designate the Dokdo islets as South Korean territory.

Mark Lovmo, a teacher at a Minneapolis primary school, is now operating an independent Web site about Dokdo, which is also claimed by Japan.

According to Yonhap News, Lovmo supported his argument by saying that “Japan’s 1905 incorporation of Dokdo did not follow accepted protocols, and was done almost in total secret… the Japanese made sure that Korea had no ability to dispute the claim at the time.”

Considering there is nothing on his site that is unique or original research, this is of doubtful newsworthiness in any country other than Korea. I wonder why they are talking to Lovmo and not Steve Barber, who seems to be the most active foreigner working on behalf of the Koreans on the Liancourt Rocks issue.

54 Responses to “Korean media wheels out foreigner that agrees”

  1. comment number 1 by: jenny123

    I’ve dated a Korean guy before and it was the definitely the worst experience in my life. Never again, will I make the mistake of falling for tacky money and superficial artifice that so many Korean boys seem so good at using. How dumb I was. The stereotype of Korean men being little boys even at the age of 30 is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! It was such a pain for me. He also was very violent, but he never had an American girl who stood up to his immature crying and complaining. I guess all of his former Korean girls always offered themselves as his punching bag and would take his abuse. I didn’t so I scared him straight!

  2. comment number 2 by: Matt

    Hi Jenny123,

    I think that kind of comment is more appropriately directed to posts that talk about inter-racial dating. That does not really have anything to do with the topic at hand. I am looking forward to seeing your opinion about this issue.

  3. comment number 3 by: J_son

    Well, wow.
    First time here and quite an impression.
    Very interesting topics you guys bring up however.

    Ive read something that said “even people brought proof that there were witches” or something, if thats the case then, isnt your proof irrelevant?

    Lets dispute this;
    there are maps that the Japanese government had decided to not take rights over the island, but instead gave it to Joseon, repeatedly.
    Also could it be possible that Korea has the name Dokdo wrong? Could it be Korea’s territory but in a new name? possible isnt it?

    Didnt Japan do this to Russia as well, they found some weakness in the Russian empire, exploited it then took over more islands to expand their territory. Considering how Japan was more advanced and had a aggressive right wing states of mind, It would seem like something they would do.

    They decisions on taking Takeshima as Japan’s was because of Japans pre-war education, which was distorted so the people would support the war.
    If you read books on ancient history of Korea and Japan you would be able to understand where Koreans stood. Both nations had great relationships, until early 8th century where with isolationism grew Japanese identity/nationalism.
    Throughout the millenias Korea had endured very harsh hardship and even a few decades ago came out of militarian rule.
    Pity them and give them some props.

    And I also agree with you and others about how “strange” Koreans can be, although if you continue to write slanderous looking remarks who will benefit? you?

    you have interesting opinions, I look forward to speaking with you guys later.

    please dont delete, even though its a little off topic. 1st post. let it swing.

  4. comment number 4 by: J_son

    Im also wondering if you guys are also considering Koreans who are not Korean citizens. For all this negative remarks im seeing which are partially true (which im sad to say) Not ALL Koreans are like this!
    there are many different types of people guys, be open. Arrogance isnt the way to go people!!