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Korean professor bullies her grand-daughter’s mother

November 5th, 2011 . by Errol
김현주 교수는 위선자입니까?

김현주 교수는 위선자입니까?

Behind the placard in the photo is a 28-year-old woman protesting in front of a private university in Seoul, carrying her new-born baby in her arms, the sign says: “I became pregnant following my engagement. But my fiance’s mother broke us up when I was six months into the pregnancy. She then tried to force me to have an abortion right up until my eighth month.”

The professor refuted the accusation saying she had never tried to force the young woman to have an abortion although she admitted she repeatedly ordered her son to break up with her.

He docilely complied.

The Korea Times, 11-04-2011

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