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Korean Olympic Committee claims that Korean footballer is unable to read 5 syllables of Korean

August 12th, 2012 . by Errol

After South Korea beat Japan 2-0 in the bronze medal play-off last Friday, Korean footballer Park Jong-woo ran around, holding up a sign with the Korean national flag and a slogan saying: 독도우리땅 (Dokdo Our Land).

The Dokdo Rocks are known as Takeshima in Japan and have been disputed territory between Japan and Korea for more than half a century.

The Korean Olympic Committee claims that it was not Park’s sign, but a flag he had seized from a fan, stressing that the provocative incident was not preplanned.

The IOC committee said it would withhold the bronze medal from Park until the case is reviewed by FIFA.

The statutes of both the IOC and FIFA prohibit political statements by athletes and players.

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