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A minimum of 100 room salons in Seoul bribed police from 2007-2012

April 4th, 2012 . by Errol

Prosecutors said they have found police officers in Seoul receiving bribes from more than 100 room salon (hostess bar) owners regularly in return for covering up the owners’ violations in the last five years.

Each owner paid 2 million won to 10 million won monthly.

The prosecutors said they have secured a list of names of room salons in Yeoksam-dong and Samseong-dong in southern Seoul, as well as illegal massage places, that bribed Lee.

The prosecutors said these shops are very famous for their sex services, disguising themselves as normal bars but employing their hostesses or masseuses as prostitutes.

The prosecutors also said that the officers traveled to Thailand seven to eight times since 2007 for golf, staying for more than 10 days on each occasion. Officer Lee plainly asked the room salon owners to pay his golf fees.

The prosecutors detained four officers including Lee Sang-yoon yesterday for receiving bribes including cash, golf lesson fees and luxurious designer goods, four days after they filed warrants to detain them.

The prosecutors also raided their homes, vehicles and offices simultaneously on the same day and confiscated 200 million won worth of designer goods, including brand names such as Hermes, Mont Blanc and Armani, as well as golf clubs.

Joongang Ilbo, 3 April 2012

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