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Live 8 fails to attract attention in Japan

July 2nd, 2005 . by Matt

makuhari messe

In the run up to the G8 conference, Live 8 has been trying to raise money for the African poor and put pressure on the G8 to set aside $50 billion of aid for Africa. However, it seems the Japanese public are no longer interested in African causes.

CHIBA (AP) The worldwide Live 8 charity extravaganza got off to a bit of an anticlimactic start Saturday, as Bjork and Good Charlotte joined a handful of Japanese bands for a concert that failed to generate much interest in Asia’s only G-8 nation.

Added on to the Live 8 list at the last minute, the concert in Japan drew about 10,000 people, all of whom were selected in a lottery. The Makuhari Messe venue normally holds about 20,000.

I dont blame the Japanese for not being interested in sending money to Africa. Countless billions of dollars has been sent to Africa, with no noticeable effect except further enriching the rich in Africa.

Live 8 seeks to pressure the G8 into giving $50 billion for aid in Africa, yet corruption in African governments costs the African people $148 billion per year. If they could halve that corruption, then they would not need $50 billion in aid.

There is a lot of evidence that ‘aid’ actually hinders the reform of African governments. Aid sent by well meaning people in developing countries (The West, and Japan) is used to propagate bad, often socialistic command style economic and social policies in Africa.

The real problem in Africa is corrupt African governments, not colonialism. Its time to assist the African people in a concrete way by helping them get rid of the governments that are keeping them down. We can help by not sending aid and allowing the governments to collapse, giving Africans a chance at clean government.

5 Responses to “Live 8 fails to attract attention in Japan”

  1. comment number 1 by: Steve

    Matt, 100% agree with you. Billions of dollars of aid get wasted in Africa because of the corrupt leaders hording the money for their own use. Look at Zimbabwe, Mugabe destroys whole cities to keep people that may be against him in poverty, similar tyranny is happening in Sudan and all through Africa, and OUR money supports this!!.

    Can we go in there and fix the problems ourselves though?? noooo because these winging bloody civil libertarian lefties will then cry about sovereignty. ‘Oh don’t be racist! Mugabe is a good leader, just give him his 200million dollar pay check every year and leave him alone.’ Yeah right…

  2. comment number 2 by: YoshoMasaki

    Live8 is the largest, stupidest world-wide wank in the history of the universe.

  3. comment number 3 by: Tom

    Command economics are necessarily bad, providing the power is used for good. For example that’s how the allies won the last war; how Britain got its health and eduction systems working and how we got our electicity, grain handling systems and railways built. See how they are deteriorating now we are playing private enterprise. Of course if the power is used for personal or sectional gain then the result is worse than leaving it to private enterprise.

    I also disagree with the idea that we should just stand back and let bad goverments collapse. – they won’t. Evil individuals will simply ensure that whatever goverment machinery and income is available is used exclusively for their benefit. Remember Marcos etc.

    We can choose:
    – accept and ignore the misery of our fellow humans;
    – do things that make us feel better without helping the victims much (like Live8); or
    – intervene, by force if necessary, to impose government that works.

    Does that mean that I support the US in Iraq? Well I used to, but now we can see that the intervention was there but the plan for good govermnet was not.

  4. comment number 4 by: RGM-79

    Bjork and Good Charlotte cannot fill the stadium.
    If U2 was there, it could be filled.

  5. comment number 5 by: Martin

    Hey, what are you taling about? 10, 000 Japanese kids came! That is pretty good for a show about Africa.