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London Terror Bombers British Citizens

July 13th, 2005 . by Matt

I hate to be correct at a time like this, but my previous post that speculated (although obliquely) that the terrorists would turn out to be immigrants or children of immigrants from Muslim countries has turned out to be true.

The face of terror – 30 yr old Mohammad Sidique Khan worked as a ‘teaching mentor’ in the British public school system.

Mohammad Sidique Khan worked as a sleeper agent in order bring about this reign of terror in London. Notice that by his looks you would think he was a ‘good Muslim’, and certainly not a terrorist.

Khan, the father of a 14-month-old daughter, was a “learning mentor” for children of immigrant families who had just arrived in Britain. Staff described him as gently spoken, endlessly patient, and immensely popular with children who called him their buddy.

The fact that he was highly evaluated by his peers shows that Islamic terrorists are perfectly able to conceal their extremism, and indeed, many conceal the fact that they are Muslims.

British born Shehzad Tanweer. Britain does not have the kind of internal security laws that can confront this threat.

This young man was born and bred in Britain, but decided that he wanted to destroy the country. Can this kind of Person really be considered worthy of citizenship? Just like the other man above, he was highly evaluated by his friends.

“I can’t believe he’s done this. He was so English in his beliefs and very westernised in the way he dressed. We knew he had his religious beliefs and that he read the Koran. But there was no way you could accuse him of being an extremist.”

No way he could be accused of being an extremist until he set off the bombs, that is. The terrorists will take advantage of soft British laws and the British aversion to ‘racial discrimination’ to tear that country apart, and to eventually take over. Muslim organisations effectively serve as a respectable mouthpiece for terrorism, and work to diminish the effectiveness of investigations into Islamic terrorism by claiming that the investigations are motivated by racial and religious bigotry.

Shehzad Tanweer’s British birth certificate.

Western nations have made a huge, possibly irreversible error in allowing people from backwards countries to live in the west. Inevitibly, this has lead to a ‘clash of civilizations’.

2 Responses to “London Terror Bombers British Citizens”

  1. comment number 1 by: RGM-79

    Multiculturalism is of another era and should be scrapped.


  2. comment number 2 by: eli

    Does his birth certificate say CRETIN? If not, it should.