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Male rights group demands ban on Baek Ji-young’s song ‘Good Boy’

May 23rd, 2012 . by Errol

Male rights group Man of Korea has demanded an injunction on the sale of Baek Ji-young’s new song “Good Boy.”

According to the organization yesterday, the group filed for the injunction because the new track “denigrates Korean men.”

“The song contains lyrics that portray a relationship in which a female is older and suggests that her boyfriend is as stupid as a dog and needs to be tamed,” the organization said on its official Web site.

“In one part of the song, the way that the boyfriend talks back is likened to barking and biting the owner. The song denigrates Korean men.”

Carla Sunwoo. Joongang Daily, May 23, 2012

Baek Ji-young is a woman of conviction, her current beau is nine years younger. Woof woof … or should that be: “Down boy!”?

Is Baek’s beau’s answer to Donna Summer’s hit, “Love to lick you baby!”?

Haven’t heard the song yet … but I guess the lyrics are something along those lines.

백지영의 멋진 연하 남자친구 배우 ‘정석원’씨 입니다

백지영의 멋진 연하 남자친구 배우 ‘정석원’씨 입니다

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