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Miss Korea runner-up fined for prostitution by Suwon court

June 24th, 2014 . by Errol


Sung Hyun-ah 성햔아 charged for (sic) prostitution

Korea Joongang Daily

June 25 2014

The Suwon District Court’s Ansan branch yesterday charged actress Sung Hyun-ah with prostitution and fined her 2 million won ($1,963).

In December, the 38-year-old actress was indicted for receiving money from a businessman in exchange for having sexual relations with him. The prosecutors stated that in 2010 the then 34 year old Sung met up with a man three times and received 50 million won (~ USD 50 000) in return. Sung countersued in January, according to press reports, and the first trial was held in February.

The actress’s lawyer noted “there is nothing to say about the case,” and added that they will expose the truth on the final judgment day, Aug. 8.

Having debuted in 1994 as a runner-up for Miss Korea, Sung has since pursued an acting career and starred in some successful drama series.

But the celebrity’s path as an entertainer hasn’t been rosy; when she was 25 years old in 2001, she was sentenced to eight months in prison for drug use.

By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer

In 2012 the Joseon Ilbo reported that: “Almost 60 percent of (the 111 actresses who responded to a survey by the Korean Women’s Development Institute) said they believed rejecting sexual advances would disadvantage their careers, and 48.4 percent said they had in fact lost out on appearances on shows because they refused.”

The prostitution allegedly occurred 3 times 4 years ago. Was there any forensic evidence still extant? Did the Korean businessman’s bank accounts show a deposit in Ms Sung’s accounts? Or did the court rely solely on the testimony of an admitted prostitution customer? How did the police find out? Was the Korean businessman boasting in a room salon and one of his seonbae hunted down Ms Sung was peremptorily rejected and in a fit of hwabyeong whinged to the Korea National Police?


The Korea Times reported on 24 June 2014 that: “Prosecutors are seeking a 3 million won fine for the businessman, 49, identified only as Chae, and an 18-month jail term for another man, Kang, 40, who allegedly set up the actress with Chae.”

Was the set up arranged in a golf club?

The Korea Times also provided a photo.

Sung Hyun-ah 02

2 Responses to “Miss Korea runner-up fined for prostitution by Suwon court”

  1. comment number 1 by: Dokdodevil

    Eventually Korea will join the civilized world and accept that there is no need for the law to be involved when a 34-year old woman accepts money from a man, even if she is a renowned actress.

  2. comment number 2 by: Errol

    GPWM DokdoDevil.

    The real crime is a Korean businessman paying about a $1000 a minute to be with this actress. Where did he get the money from is another reasonable objective for a criminal investigation. The actress has bills to pay, no degree from a renowned university and increasing competition from younger vendors in her occupation.

    Why is this actress being hunted down by Korea’s finest when the businessman has either spent his company’s money, which is embezzlement; or has spent his family’s money, which is tantamount to neglect of his wife and child(ren)?

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