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No more smoking on subway trains … will platforms and toilets be next?

September 1st, 2011 . by Errol

The (Seoul) (C)ity government said (on) Thursday that it will dispatch a total of 171 “subway sheriffs” to various subway stations by 2012 aiming to prevent sexual crimes committed on public transportation.

The measure comes as (reports of) sexual crimes on subways have increased (significantly) in recent years, with the number of offenders rising to 1,192 in 2010 from 671 in 2009, while (reports of) other types of crime have decreased.

(Sheriffs will) “crack down” not only sexual violence but also other activities such as disturbing public order and drinking or smoking on subway trains.

‘Sheriffs’ to combat commuter sex crimes

Korea Times 09-01-2011

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