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NSW Supreme Court jury returns verdict of not guilty to murder for Korean man who: “lost control”.

July 10th, 2012 . by Errol

Joachim Won’s barrister, Winston Terracini, SC, said: ”It’s a very satisfying result and Mr Won, through his legal representatives, had offered to plead guilty to manslaughter from the very beginning but the Crown rejected it.”

Joachim Won came home from work sick in May 2010 to find his 44-year-old wife, Anna, having sex with his friend Hyung Mo Lee.

Won, then 56, went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed Mr Lee, 48, seven times, allegedly shouting ”you must die” or ”he must die”.

The Crown prosecutor, Paul Lynch, said the affair between Mrs Won and Mr Lee began after they and their spouses began playing golf together through a Korean social group called the Fantastic Association in 2008.

Mr Lee’s wife suspected the affair after finding explicit pictures on his phone and Mr Lee admitted to his wife that he was having a relationship with Mrs Won when she confronted him in late 2009.

Mr Lynch said soon after Mr Lee’s wife confronted Mrs Won in a car park at Eastwood, telling her: ”I know everything”.

By Easter 2010, Mr Won and his wife were having marriage problems and began sleeping in separate rooms.

Several weeks later, Mr Lee, who was unemployed (백수), offered to do some painting work (Lee must have been watching too many Benny Hill re-runs whilst unemployed) at the Won’s Pendle Hill home.

The defence of provocation was abolished in Tasmania in 2003 and Victoria in 2005, following a recommendation by the Victorian Law Reform Commission which found the law ”partly legitimates killings committed in anger”.

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One Response to “NSW Supreme Court jury returns verdict of not guilty to murder for Korean man who: “lost control”.”

  1. comment number 1 by: Dokdodevil

    The only thing Korean about this story is that Koreans like to pretend that infidelity never happens.

    As happens sometimes a mate of mine was on the jury for this case. He had told his work not to expect him back for a few weeks but it was all over in a couple of days. Most of us could consider how we might react in similar circumstances. Lucky most women are more careful than poor Anna who now has a dead lover and an absent, angry husband.

    From what I have read about it in the press, I am sure the jury got it right this time.

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