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OneFreeKorea on diplomacy

January 16th, 2007 . by Matt

Joshua uses his extensive experience to analyse just why Korea and America cannot get along despite America bending over backwards to do so. A taster –

This year, courtesy of two American generals, we witnessed an interesting thought experiment. One of them, Garry Trexler, veered wildly off a long, patient diplomatic track intended to secure a new bombing range for his airplanes. Trexler issued an ultimatum: give me that bombing range in thirty days or the planes fly home. Trexler couldn’t have made that decision on his own, of course, but he was picked to be the face of the tougher U.S. position. Not only did this work, but it also drew an anomalous absence of overheated rhetoric from the Korean government. General B.B. Bell seemed to have internalized that by the time the South Koreans floated a trial balloon about delaying USFK’s move to Camp Humphreys (which I firmly believe is all about keeping U.S. troops as hostages to North Korean artillery, and not about money issues, as GI Korea has shown us).

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  1. comment number 1 by: MarkA

    I was discussing with the KATUSA I had CP with last night this very subject, and how it is so frustrating trying to cooperate with a Korean because in their minds, everything relies on brinksmanship and false pretenses rather than integrity and commitment.