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oranckay, you remember this conversation?

August 14th, 2006 . by Darin

I’ve mentioned before, but I used to run a small blog long ago, but it got hacked and all my stuff deleted. But being the smart little devil I am, I randomly took backups. I could have put my site back up in seconds, but at the time decided to take a break from blogging.

Take a look at this. Funny thing is, I wrote about this last year! Here’s part of what I had to say:

As of March 2nd 2004, it’s illegal in South Korea to be friendly to those “Imperialist Japs” (帝強制占領下反民族行為の真相糾明に関する特別法 in Korean 친일진상규명법) and as of December 8th 2005, said “Jap Lover”‘s properties and decendents properties can be seized by the government (親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別法)

To which Mr. oranckay had this to say in comment:

You’re kidding, right? Ah the lies some will tell to make their neighbour look bad…

No, I’m not kidding. Nor am I lying to make someone look bad. There’s no need, they do a damn well job on their own!

So, I’ll be expecting that apology any time soon now. Even Marmot realizes the truth. I had it last year but you refused to believe it. Well how about now?

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