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Penguin Case to outline limits of copyright law in Korea

October 4th, 2011 . by Errol

Currently, Pororo the Penguin’s copyright is shared by four companies ― Ocon, Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband and Education Broadcasting System (EBS), which airs the animation series in the ROK.

Ocon claims it is the original creator of Pororo and has accused Iconix Entertainment of having violated its copyrights. It claims that Iconix Entertainment has acted as if it were the original creator and even received awards given by the government.

“They have infringed upon our rights and damaged our reputation,” Ocon said in a statement. “We know the suit can have a negative impact on the animation, but we can’t put up with their illegal practices anymore.”

An Iconix Entertainment representative responded with the following comment; “It’s wrong to say that Ocon is the original and sole creator of the animation, because Iconix Entertainment also participated in the production of the animation, in such work as storyboarding and post-production.”

The Korea Times, 10-04-2011

Copyright theft? Thieving of government awards? The loss of chaemyeon must be stopped.

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