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Ponta’s memorandum

July 19th, 2008 . by Matt

This site by Occidentalism commenter Ponta is about the closest thing we have to a “Debito watch” at the moment. Some of you may remember we had difference of opinion with Debito over a sign that seemed to exclude foreigners from a restaurant in the Tsukiji fish market (here and here).

Before writing those articles on Occidentalism, I posted some comments on Debito’s blog politely informing him about where he was wrong on the issue, and my comment was deleted and I was called a troll. Ponta also posted on there and Debito also deleted his comments, while strongly suggesting later that Ponta’s comments were offensive, which is most untrue.

To correct this injustice and to preserve the comments of other people that correct Debito’s errors, Ponta created “Ponta’s memorandum”, where he gathers his own deleted comments and the deleted comments of others. As you will see the comments are not offensive at all, although that is how Debito justifies the deletions. I am sure that you will see, as I have seen, a consistent pattern of Japan bashing in what Debito chooses to delete, and what to allow.

Got a comment that Debito deleted or wouldn’t allow? Let Ponta’s memorandum know and have your voice heard!

4 Responses to “Ponta’s memorandum”

  1. comment number 1 by: ponta.

    Thank you for introducing my blog.

    My opinions on Debito’s blog are

    1) I understand that non-Japanese in Japan need somebody to speak for them because the Japanese do not always realize the problems they are facing.


    (2)His blog is an influential English resource for non-Japanese who has little knowledge on Japanese system, law, language, culture,


    3) Debito’s blog is fueling antagonism between Japanese and non-Japanese because
    ⅰ)He blocks almost all Japanese comments.
    ⅱ)He blocks the comments that reveals the lies, inadequacy, cover-ups.
    ⅲ)His tactics uses the measures that he himself criticize.
    ⅳ)He jumps to the conclusion, without substantiating it, blaming for racism


    4) I hope that either he will change the way he runs his blog, they way he practice his tactics or somebody else speak for non-Japanese.

  2. comment number 2 by: MaidoOido

    It seems to me that the Mainichi Newspapers WaiWai column(ists) and he have something in common. So, I think they’ll be bound together by common interests sometime soon…

    “Coming to the defence of the weeklies, as well as Connell and his collaborators, is unflagging media critic and campaigner for human rights, Debito Arudou.

    It’s about time, he says, that people realised foreigners can and do read the tabloids.”



  3. comment number 3 by: ponta.

    Oh, and I want to say one thing to Debito’s fans. especially to the members of FRANKA

    Debito makes it clear that he’ll accept Japanese comments in the future,
    he apologizes for liking
    anti-Japan site, an equivalent of selling gaijin hanzai Ura file for which he blamed,
    he explains what happened to the rape case in which he covered up the fatal facts to the gaijin accused , substantially blaming the Japanese female accuser for telling a lie,
    he explains why he still defend the article by Jim on Hiragana Times which turned out to include lies
    he explains why he blocks the balanced posters on his blog who tell him the inconvenient truth on the topic.
    in a nutshell he changes the way he run the blog, the way he presents the case.

    Debito-related projects will be doomed because Mr Arudou is related.
    I don’t think I need an explanation why.

    If he cannot, I recommend his fans to set up an independent group to speak up for NJ in which NJ and J work together. There might be racist Japanese but there are more Japanese who are willing to accept criticisms and help gaijin than some of his fans with Japanophobia think.

  4. comment number 4 by: wiesunja

    Sounds like Debito is a typical Korean!