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Prime Minister Koizumi visits Yasukuni 15/08/2006

August 14th, 2006 . by Matt

Yasukuni Koizumi
Prime Minister Koizumi in Yasukuni Jinja this morning

Prime Minisiter Koizumi finished visiting the Yasukuni Shrine at 7:49am this morning. Before visiting, in regards to the reason for visiting the shrine, he said, “Conveying a sense of condolences to the fallen in battle is not in any way a bad thing“. Under pressure not to go from the South Korean and Chinese governments, he also said, “On 15/08, regardless of any criticism, I will definitely go to Yasukuni“.

Discussion of Koizumi’s previous Yasukuni visits can be found here, and the Korean reaction to the previous visit can be found here. Expect more of the same.

Update: China has protested, saying that the visit is “undermining the two countries’ ties”.

Update 2: South Korea denounced the Yasukuni visit. South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun also connected the visit to other issues between Japan and Korea.

“Japan should take substantive actions to resolve the issues surrounding Dokdo, history textbooks, visits to the Yasukuni Shrine and military sex slaves during World War II,”

5 Responses to “Prime Minister Koizumi visits Yasukuni 15/08/2006”

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  2. comment number 2 by: sqz


    There is not article of English version.
    Please read it.
    The Korea government wishes a problem is not settled eternally.

  3. comment number 3 by: pacifist

    Put aside the Yasukini issue, why can Roh Moo-hyun say about Dokdo and history textbooks?
    He is the culprit who is lying about Dokdo (it’s Japan’s territory!) and distorting Korean textbooks. Aigou! What a shame!

  4. comment number 4 by: tomato

    Koreans are so rude in making this an issue. They are the ones who do not respect mournings of other people. Their outright arrogance and ignorance is what annoys me. Japan glorifying the past? So what, I say. Just look how Koreans are glorifying their past! It’s such nonsense saying that the Japanese are reconfirming militarism. The Japanese has no ambitions for the Korean pennninsula…in fact, I don’t think anybody wants it…

    I heard their boss Roh Moo-hyun wants to visit the shrine…but the place is holy, you know, and Roh is the most unholy man you can think of with regards to Yasukuni, with his crazy ethno-centric ideology. So he should never come. Just like the holy shrine in Mecca…only those repectful should come.

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