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Ron Paul in 2002 before the invasion of Iraq

June 7th, 2007 . by Matt

This came to my mind because a friend of mine was discussing the war in Iraq with me the other night. He said to me “well no one knew that he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction at the time, and no one knew he wasn’t collaborating with terrorists”. This was funny to me because I distinctly remember discussing the issues with him at the time, with me taking the position that there was no evidence for WMD or terrorist collaboration.

Another funny thing is all the changing reasons for the invasion. People now say the reason invasion was to bring “democracy” or “freedom” to the Iraqi people, but that was never the reason. The reason given was WMD and terrorist collaboration. Any other post-facto reasons are just an attempt at justification for failed foreign policy. This short memory reminds me of animal farm, where the animals quickly forget that their rights are being taken away by the pigs.

There were a lot of people conclusively debunking the rationale for the invasion of Iraq, and it was not a case of “no one knew”, it was more a case of “no one is listening”. Below is a video interview of Ron Paul by Bill Moyers that shows clearly there were dissenting voices that were right on the issue of Iraq. Fortuntely, the internet is a permanent record of where people stood on the issue of the invasion of Iraq, and some people were just so laughably wrong that it makes you wonder if they are talking about another country, and not Iraq. Ron Paul was one of those that got it right.

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    He is a libertarian.

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    And what do that have to do with anything GarlicBreath?