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“Seoul Must Keep Its Promise”

October 20th, 2006 . by Gerry-Bevers

“Seoul Must Keep Its Promise”

I agree.

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  1. comment number 1 by: tomato


    Although it seems that the major Korean newspapers are in line with the Roh regime and the SK people when it comes to anti-Japan propaganda (especially the three diplomatic issues the regime favors: Dokdo, “distortion of history” & Yasukuni), are the newspapers in line with the people when they criticize the regime?

    It’s hard to get a grasp of what the SK majority opinion is now looking from the outside. The Koreans I’ve met seem to be unafraid of NK. Pro-NK feelings seem to be quite widespread among the younger people. I heard that the major newspapers are in confrontation with the Roh regime, and do not necessarily reflect the majority opinion.

    I ask you because I just want to get the idea of how deep and wide the pro-NK feelings have spread among the SK people, and I know you live in SK.

  2. comment number 2 by: Gerry-Bevers


    I think South Koreans are pro-North Korea because they fear North Korea and hope that by becoming buddies with North Korea, she will not attack them. I also believe that much of the anti-American and anti-Japanese movement in Korea is part of the strategy to win over North Korea. South Koreans want to show North Korea that they have something in common, which is a hatred for Japan and the US.

    My Korean college students do seem to be developing strong anti-Japanese feelings, but that is mainly because of all the anti-Japanese propaganda in the Korean media, which is there to appease North Korea. I think that once that propaganda stops, things will go back to normal.

    By the way, in this comment, I talked about how Koreans do not provoke the countries they fear, which means Koreans do not fear Japan in spite of all the talk about Japan’s arms buildup. South Korea may be using Japan as an excuse to build up her military, not to defend against Japan, but to defend against China and North Korea, which are the countries South Koreans really fear.

  3. comment number 3 by: tomato


    Thanks. I hope the anti-Japanese propaganda will end before it gets out of hand. Fears become true threats to those who are fearful, even though the threat is not there…like how the Germans feared the Jews during the Nazi regime, and decided to commence with endlosung. I hope the SK people won’t forget what they should really fear, instead of some far-gone imperial power that is no more.

  4. comment number 4 by: GarlicBreath

    I predict that the South Korean will quickly break their promise. The SK willl continue to give money to the north no matter who is in charge.

    Tomato, as I write this, the South Korean gov’t is rewriting their school textbooks to reflect that it was the fault of the USA that the nuke was tested, and they will find a way to blame japan too.