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Shok News: Korean government protects Korean consumers from predatory Koreans

November 15th, 2011 . by Errol

On the south side of the Imjin River, the Korea Communications Commission has twice withheld approval for the discontinuation of KT’s 2G mobile phone service, as there are still approximately 160 thousand subscribers and there were insufficient user protections.

‘The Hankyoreh acquired an audio file Monday of operational orders given in mid-October at a KT branch in the greater Seoul area. In it, specific mention is made of causing disruptions to customers’ landline phone service and approaching the customers to urge a change to 3G service.

A supervisor is heard gathering employees and giving specific orders, stating, “Today, we are going to cause disruptions. I’ll give you a list, and you go in pairs to take care (of) it appropriately, by taking out the terminal box key or cutting the line or whatever have you.” ‘

© 2006 The Hankyoreh Media Company, November 15, 2011

ROK on the way to becoming a first world capitalist nation.

North of the Imjin, the Kim Gang are doing their best to uphold Han Pride in ripping people off.

‘ “In April last year, the North granted to two foreign companies the exclusive rights to develop a mine that a European venture capital firm had invested earlier. Upon learning this, the chairman of the venture firm reportedly visited the North in October last year and demanded an explanation from North Korean officials.

Another European entrepreneur who had been running a joint venture pig farm with the North since 2008 moved to halt operations there, citing unpaid account receivables. He then faced a murder threat.” ‘

The Donga Ilbo, November 15, 2011

DPRK still Number 1 capricious, hereditary monarchy.

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