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The choice for South Korea

July 21st, 2008 . by Matt

Ampontan has an excellent (as usual) post about South Korea and it’s relationship with Japan, in particular the absurd reactions in Korea to the Liancourt Rocks dispute. Go ahead and read it at his site.

2 Responses to “The choice for South Korea”

  1. comment number 1 by: koreakp

    South Korea or North Korea ( Combine Korea’s). Dokdo and Daemado belongs to Korea. No nation can distory history. Truth always prevails. China and Japan historicans distorting Korean history from facts and fictions. Japan is like ” Nazi” state, Chins is like ” Communist” state, Taiwan is like ” Anal” state, North Korea is like ” Mafia state”. South Korea would rather choose North Korea. Japan diplomacy is always have been Asia disunity from WWII ( Past, Present, and Future). North Korea should bomb Japan for sake Asia Peace and Unity.

  2. comment number 2 by: wiesunja

    I feel for people like Matt and Ampontan because both of you are killing yourselves trying to actually use logic and rational sense when discussing an issue with a Korean. I have learned the hard way after many years of experience in Korea dealing with the Korean “mind” that trying to adopt the use of logic and rational debate when discussing matters with Koreans is almost impossible.

    I hate to say it but it’s like trying to explain to a child over and over again that Superman does not exist. With matters such as Dokdo/Takeshima, no matter how much amount of evidence and intellectual debate or empirical evidence you place in front of them, Koreans will refuse to accept, let alone even listen, to any opposing argument. The reason? Because in Korea, the concept of a person having an opinion that goes against the common government sponsored propaganda, xenophobic, racist, nationalist line of brainwashing does not exist and cannot be comprehended by the Korean mind.

    For example, I have heard supposedly “educated” Koreans tell me that Hangul is the world’s most “scientifically advanced and intellectually superior” writing system. Of course for most people in first world, modern and intellectually progressive nations, anyone who said something so stupid and foolish as this claim would be taken as a fool. However, in Korea, pretty much the entire population *actually believes this to be fact!* I am not kidding you. And when you ask them to please explain and prove WHY this outrageous claim is true, Koreans will just answer “Because, we know it is true!”

    If you come back and say that such a bold claim is very disputable since the Roman and Greek alphabets as well as the Arabic or Japanese writing systems could also disputably be the world’s most scientifically advanced writing systems, Koreans will answer that there is no dispute at all. In fact, for a Korean, if a Korean side of an argument exists, then there is no dispute at all. Basically, their premise is that “Everything that we Koreans learn is the holy gospel and anything that foreigners say that disagrees with us is hogwash and is not worth hearing.” I am not exaggerating even one bit. Thus, you can see what you are up against when you try to use a western or modern first-world approach at discussing Dokdo with a Korean. It’s like trying to convince a child that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist while he/she covers his/her years and humming a song, refusing to listen to the wise words of an adult.