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The Korea Liberator

February 19th, 2006 . by Matt

The Korea Liberator

Joshua from One Free Korea and Richardson from DPRK Studies have teamed up to create a joint blog (along with James Na, whom I do not know) called The Korea Liberator, with a focus on North Korean issues. The joint blog makes a lot of sense because there was considerable overlap with One Free Korea and DPRK Studies, and since they both Joshua and Richardson have similar ideas, we can expect the synergy from their collaboration to produce some excellent reading. One of the great features of this blog is that they often have inside information, so what you get is not simply a rehashing of news stories.

The Korea Liberator is essential reading for anyone with an interest in what is happening in North Korea.

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  1. […] The three members of the Korea Liberator, James, Joshua, and Richardson have decided on a friendly parting of ways, citing differences of opinion regarding the focus of the blog. All three will continue to blog at their own, individual blogs. […]