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The lies of the Dokdo Museum

July 26th, 2006 . by Matt

Lots of Korean school children go to the Dokdo Museum and are indoctrintated into thinking that Korea has a close historical affinity with Takeshima/Dokdo. The Dokdo Museum presents a whole lot of smoke and mirror ‘evidence’ to support its claims and even fabricates evidence. I have heard Dokdo be referred to as Korea’s ‘big lie‘, and with the exception way the Japanese administrative period is described, I am inclined to agree. Below is a Youtube video showing the Dokdo Museum doctoring old maps.

As you can see, there are two islands there, and the Dokdo Museum switched their locations around. They did this because Koreans claim that 于山島 (Usando) is the old name of Dokdo, but because in the map Usando is closer to the Korean mainland than 鬱陵島 (Ullengdo), it couldnt possibly be Dokdo, so they changed the islands around.

This is all the Korean claim to Dokdo/Takeshima is, in my opinion. All smoke and mirrors. Korea has yet to produce a Korean map has Dokdo/Takeshima in it before 1905, when Japan formally claimed the island. Clear Japanese maps with Dokdo/Takeshima in its correct position have existed for hundreds of years, as do records of Japanese fisherman and seal hunters using the island. Korea on the other hand does not have any maps or records, except the ones presented at places like the Dokdo Museum, and they are simply misrepresentations of other places.

Most Koreans are totally unaware that Korea lacks evidence in regards to Dokdo/Takeshima, and the Korean media will never expose the fraud of the Dokdo Museum, or suggest that the Korean claim to Dokdo/Takeshima is any less than ironclad. Because of this some Koreans do silly things like chop off their fingers or eat foreign flags.

Occidentalism is here to set the record straight.

10 Responses to “The lies of the Dokdo Museum”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kaneganese

    This is well-known among Japanese for a while. Japanese journalist Masahiko Katsuya went to Ullundo and found this childish but serious fabrication.( Actually, this was exactly when I realized something is deeply, seriously wrong with Korean. Until then, I had no interest in Korea.)
    Korean people should realize they are fooled by thier own government and these distortion of history is nothing but only despised by people outside Korea. As Mr, Aoyama says in the video, Korean need to know that they invaded a part of Japan aggressively and detained thousands Japanese and killed or injured almost 40 innocent people. Korean never stops claiming 36 years of colonization by Japan, but now, a Japanese territory has been occupied by Korean for more than 50 years !!

  2. comment number 2 by: pacifist


    You are right, Koreans are fooled by their government. They must notice themselves that the anti-Japan propaganda obscures their government’s misgovernments. They are made believe the government’s lies, including the truth about Takeshima/Dokdo.

    Korean people furiously attack Japan but it reminds us Military Japan – they say all the same slogan together and objective people can’t say a word, which must be avoided in a civilized and democratic country.

    Taiwan was in the same situation in the war time, but now people of Taiwan and Japanese people are getting along well in spite of the past.

    Why didn’t we, Korean and Japanese people, get along like Taiwanese and Japanese? It’s all because distorted education in Korea.

  3. comment number 3 by: Kaneganese

    BTW I think latter map in this video is not from”八道総図 (1530)” but from “地図名不詳。江源道(『解凍輿地』の 一部)” http://toron.pepper.jp/jp/take/tizu/mapkaitou.html
    They should have reffered to this…
    It was much better and convincing. Don’t you think?

  4. comment number 4 by: Kaneganese

    It was apparently not from “地図名不詳。江源道(『解凍輿地』の 一部)”
    Does anybody know what this map is?

  5. comment number 5 by: Gerry-Bevers

    Does the plaque at the Dokdo Museum actually say that the mural is a replica of the famous 1530 map? I ask because I think I have seem a similar map in a book at a book store in Korea that shows Usando to the east of Ulleungdo. I am not sure nor can I give you any details of the map because I am not in Korea right now. However, even if the map showed Usando to the the east of Ulleungdo, that would still not prove that Usando was Dokdo/Takeshima.

    Usando is almost certainly Jukdo, a small island less than four kilometers off the east coast of Ulleungdo, and Korea’s own maps and documents support this, so it is no exaggeration to call Korea’s “Dokdo Is Our Land” campaign “Korea’s big lie.”

    Can anyone give me a summary of what the man in the video says?

  6. comment number 6 by: ponta

    TV program
    “Korea claims that according to 八道総図 in the 16 century, Dokdo is Usando which is located in the west of Ulleungdo,but on the map at Dokdo museum,Usando is in the east of Ulleungdo.”
    so it does not say the map at museum shown on TV is the map of 八道総図.
    (Probably the map at the museum depicted on TV is not the map of 八道総図)
    It just point out there is inconsistency

    However, according to lhs2015 on the naver forum,Dokdo museum exhibits a false replica of 八道総図.I think Shimojou also confirmed this point when he went to Dokdo museum.p185

    Can anyone give me a summary of what the man in the video says?

    This is nothing but a fabrication of history.How dare Korea say about Japanese history textbook? It is Korea that is fabricating history and invading Japan.

  7. comment number 7 by: Gerry-Bevers

    Thank you, Ponta.

    I may have been mistaken about the map I saw in the book that showed Usan to the east of Ulleungdo. The reason that I think I might have been mistaken is that if there were such a map, I would expect to see it on the Internet instead of the one that shows Usando to the west of Ulleungdo. Anyway, when I get back to Korea, I plan to return to the book store and make sure.

  8. […] In a way this really isn’t surprising; here is another scandal that makes Korea look stupid in the eyes of the Japanese and anyone else in the world that follows this stupid Dokdo issue.  The Dokdo Museum on Ulleongdo Island has apparently forged an old Korean map in order to make their point that Dokdo historically belongs to Korea.  On the original map in question, the island of Usando, which Korea claims as being the ancient name of the Dokdo islets is shown located to the west of Ulleongdo and closer to the Korean mainland.  The actual islets of Dokdo are located far to the southeast of Ulleongdo thus making the claim of Usando actually being Dokdo impossible.  Usando is actuality is probably the originally name of Jukdo Island which lies just off the coast from Ulleongdo.   However, the Dokdo Museum in their infinite wisdom doctored the originally map and moved Usando to the east of Ulleongdo Island to bolster their claim that Usando is in fact Dokdo.When are the ultra-nationalists in Korea going to learn to stop their antics over Dokdo?  The chopping off of fingers, eating Japanese flags, the Dokdo Riders, political pilgrimages to Dokdo, grandstanding, stabbing yourself in the gut, graffitting foreign cities, and now forging old maps does nothing to help Korea’s cause to lay claim undisputed claim to the Dokdo Islets.  These antics only make Korea look like some undeveloped third world country with unstable citizens.  This stereotype gives the Japanese the moral high ground on this issue since they approach it in calm, deliberate manner. […]

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