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The Metropolitician takes on the Korean media

December 16th, 2006 . by Matt

metro as a white woman
A Korean newspaper shows the Metropolitician as a white woman

The Metropolitician has a couple of great posts about the Korean media. The one that has the picture above was from when the Metropolitician was slammed by a Korean newspaper for teaching anti-Korean classes.

My “scandal” arose when it was implied that I was teaching some pro-Japanese/anti-Korean curriculum in my history class at Yongin Foreign Language High School, because page 945 of the textbook referred to the “Sea of Japan” in a diagram mapping troop movements in the Korean War in the Cold War chapter.

As if educational publisher Longman USA gives a rat’s ass.

In another post the Metropolitician exposes the Korean media’s modus operandi when it relates to articles about foreigners.

It works like this: the Korean print media picks up a story somewhere (usually something blown way out of proportion or factually inaccurate) and then reports it. The broadcast media then links it to some pre-existing sentiment or generalized stereotype of foreigners – the brown ones are taking all the jobs (not true) or the white ones have lower sexual mores than us or are (a normative statement, but one I consider to be, natch, untrue – ahem, “Republic of Prostitution”) – then it gets picked up by the broadcast media as if it were reality or even fact. Now, it’s already in the minds of most Koreans that said event actually happened in this way, and adds to the fodder of “facts” that support pre-existing stereotypes of most foreigners

The Metropolitician then follows up with some incisive examples of the Korean media distortions of reality. Go and check it out!

One Response to “The Metropolitician takes on the Korean media”

  1. comment number 1 by: tomato

    The S Korean anti-“Sea of Japan” campaign is childish and a bore. Just proves what a idiot one is once you raise the issue. True with other stupid anti-Japanese myths like “Corea/Korea”, “Imperial Japan sticking stakes on Korean mountaintops for bad omen”, and the sort. And even “Dokdo” seems to be one of the myths around. Better to believe in space aliens visiting our planet on UFOs and conducting human experiments.