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The Nora Challenge

July 31st, 2006 . by Matt

nora is kushibo's sock
Socks, anyone?

What do you do when you think that someone is using a sock?

According to wikipedia a sock is –

an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community pretending to be a separate person.

Just the other day I banned a troll that had been banned before, and had 4 sock accounts here. Fortunately, I was on to him from the start, and was able to ban him in a couple of days.

OK, so what do you do when you think a blogger fairly well known for making comments on other blogs has a whole other blogging sock? You put what you think out there, and let the people decide! Yes, I am taking on the Nora Challenge.

The subjects in question are Kushibo and Nora Park. Here is my take on it – Kushibo and Nora are exactly the same person.

A background – Kushibo says he is an American of partial Korean ancestry (at various times he has claimed other ancestries as well – see below). He often writes apologist-for-Korea posts on his blog and in the comments section of other blogs. He is the head of the democrats overseas in Korea, and is anti-Bush.
Nora is a self proclaimed “lesbian-republican” American of Korean ancestry that writes apologist-for-Korea posts on ‘her’ blog and in the comments section of other blogs. She is anti-Bush.

Kushibo has been around for a while, so I dont think I need to mention him too much, but I first noticed Nora on the comments section of the Marmots Hole. My initial reaction to her coming on the Marmots and proclaiming that she was a lesbian-republican was, “this is bullsh*t”. Of course, I did not realise that Nora was Kushibo right away – that came later. I found that Nora had exactly the same prejudices as Kushibo, and hammered away at the same issues. On Marmots they wrote almost identically as well, except for one thing, which I will reveal shortly.

Anyway, lets get to it. Read these four quotes and ask yourself who wrote it –

Quote 1

who says the average south korean citizen doesn’t consider a north korean attack a possibility? don’t let the leftist demonstrations delude you into thinking the entire country feels that way.

Quote 2

one disturbing thing i’ve noticed about the discourse many non-koreans make about korea is the tendency to take a minority or partisan opinion and then attribute it to the entire country.

Quote 3

south korea returning to the chinese sphere of influence? i don’t think so. i think korea is jockeying for a better position within the rok-japan-usa triangle, but taking the plunge and joining the china camp is not going to happen.

korea looks down on china, while it feels it gets too little respect from the usa. all things considered, if korea were to ever be under another country (if that’s what it really is), it would rather be under the country from which it’s trying to get respect than the country upon which it looks down it nose.

Quote 4

mizarv, i think what you wrote was quite good. the left-wing agenda-driven media machine in korea has been depicting the 1999 treaty as an unfair agreement japan made while taking advantage of a korea weakened by the economic crisis (the so-called ‘imf crisis,’ as if the imf caused it).

i’m glad that the joongang ilbo (and hopefully others) is pointing that out.

If you thought it was classic Kushibo, you are wrong. It is his alter-ego, Nora. The difference between Kushibo’s and Nora’s writing is that Nora always made a point never to use any capitalization, while Kushibo capitalized normally. This gives a feeling of artificial difference between the writing of the two. Put capital letters there, and it is pure Kushibo. It should be noted that on ‘her’ own blog, Nora does use capitalization. It is only in other blogs where Kushibo is also commenting that we see no capital letters from Nora.

Kushibo and Nora have the same experiences.

Here is Nora commenting on marmot

i saw the original broadway cast of les miserables here twice. that was nice. also the original cast of cats (which i thought was overrated). they do need to bring better plays here.

Here is Kushibo on his blog

And everything is so accessible, whether it’s arts, shopping, entertainment, or whatever. I saw the Broadway cast of Les Miserables twice, for example, something I couldn’t have done back in Southern California

Really the only difference here is capitalization. This is the same person describing the same experience. Who among us cannot tell that Clark Kent is Superman?

They even hold the same email address.

Nora gives out her email address, which is [email protected]

The address is the same email address as the democrats abroad address (Kushibo’s DA address). What is “lesbian republican” Nora doing with Kushibo’s democrats abroad address? Are we expected to believe that they share mail addresses? Take a look for yourself! http://kr.democratsabroad.org/contacts/.

Kushibo starts off saying that he is of partial Korean ancestry, but then later claims that he is part Japanese as well. Nora starts off saying she is a Korean Kyopo from America (Kyopo = overseas Korean) but also starts claiming Japanese ancestry.

Nora claims she is part Japanese

kinda funny. some koreans i meet hear the exact same things i say here and think i hate korea and love japan and america because i’m part japanese (which is where sumi comes from) and i was born in california.

Kushibo says he is part Japanese

For starters, I’ve got Japanese blood.

He mentions it here too

The fact that I am very cautious about the Japanese right-wing does not make me a Japan basher (I’m part Japanese for criminy sake!).

Both of them describe themselves as being part Japanese when coming under attack for anti-Japanese comments.

In 2001 on Koreaweb, Kushibo signs himself off as T’NP. NP is the initials of Nora Park of course. In studying the mystery that is Kushibo, I have found that he has many names or assumed names. The NP initials are used by Kushibo, as well as Nora. Here Kushibo is called ‘Nate Kushibo’, and he claims that he is part of the Miryang Park clan. That is where the NP comes from. Nate Park = Nora Park. Note, I am not saying his legal name is Nate Park, just that it is at least one of his many assumed names.

Kushibo and Nora also mess up logins at other blogs. On at least one occasion ‘Nora’ logged in as Kushibo on marmots site, posted a comment with all uncapitalized letters. The excuse was that ‘she’ did not realize that Kushibo was a commenter on marmot.

whoops… that previous comment was supposed to be from me. i was using bo’s desktop and didn’t realise he was logged in. didn’t realise he ever logged in here.

Well, I guess that is one way of explaining it. Another way is that Kushibo forgot he was signed in as himself when he wanted to post as his sock, Nora.

That is the evidence. Now I will answer why I think he does it.

Coming up with all these various identities, ethnicities and sexual orientations is unfortunately an effective way to deflect criticism. People that are generally poor debaters need to rely on some sort of crutch, especially when they are critical of certain countries to the point of revealing their sense of racial grievance. A case in point – Here is the gravatar that Nora uses at the marmots hole, reproduced below.

Nora Park

This is an old WW2 poster of a Japanese soldier dragging away a woman to be raped. This is the gravatar that Nora uses while harping on about issues like the Yasukuni visits, Japan not apologising or compensating (or not apologising or compensating enough!), and so on. If Nora really had Japanese ancestry, that would be a very unlikey choice of gravatar. No, Nora allows Kushibo the ability to express ideas, like the crude image above, that he does not want to be personally associated with or attacked over. If people object then Nora will say she is part Japanese, and Kushibo will log in to drum up the illusion of support.

Nora is also there to bash President Bush. I demonstrated above that Nora’s email address was that of the Democrats abroad in Korea, of which Kushibo is the head man, and to whom the email address belongs. By creating a “lesbian republican” character that hates President Bush and bashes him continuously, I suppose he thinks he is causing some disruption to the republicans. I think many people will have noted the numerous times that Nora bashed President Bush, and by extension, the republican party, by starting off saying that she is a republican – again, just like the racial stuff, it is purely designed to deflect criticism.

Criticism for anti-American statements by Kushibo or Nora is also adroitly deflected by the same method. If you are able to identify anti-Americanism in what they are writing, then they say you are anti-Kyopo and start claiming that you are saying that only a white person can be an American. If you think that Nora sounds nothing like a republican in her criticism of President Bush, and it sounds like she is criticising from the left, you are anti-lesbian. Most of the people reading or writing these blogs are just average people that dont want to be seen breaking racial or identity politics taboos, and Kushibo/Nora cynically exploit this.

There… the Nora Challenge taken up in its fullness, although that was probably not the kind of challenge Kushibo/Nora expected. So… what did the people decide?

177 Responses to “The Nora Challenge”

  1. comment number 1 by: gbnhj

    Plunge, Kushibo has been neither a friend nor an enemy, but I have found myself in agreement with his views on several occasions.

    Regardless, if he created the persona of Nora – a lesbian relative with politically conservative views – and used both personas to support each other in debate with others, then he has been disingenuous. This issue gets to credibility, not friendliness.

  2. comment number 2 by: Matt

    This post has brought me out of my self-induced exile. Kushibo has been a wonderful friend to me, especially in my time of difficulty. But even without out that, I would say, “so what?” to this issue. There are plenty of times that I thought about creating a seperate personality to post with, one with more mellow opinions than my usual. In fact, I did for a while on a certain blog. That is one thing that is nice about the internet. You can be what you want to be and explore various sides of yourself. To me, this is very much a non-issue.

    Is there a problem with outing him? No. Just as there was no problem have multiple identities in the first place.

    Hello Plunge and welcome. I must say that is very liberal of you to write that. However, I dont think it applies in this case. Kushibo was not just making another identity to express an innocuous opinion, but to attack others with. The problem is less so the multiple identities than what he did with them that makes it so bad. Gord writes about that here.

    So the problem was what he was doing with it. Have a read of why people have a problem with this –

    The Party Pooper


    Lost Nomad

    Seoul Hero

    USinKorea and follow up

    Looking back, I have found myself debating, and being attacked by, several incarnations of Kushibo at the same time. Is that the kind of thing that you find to be acceptable behavior? To quote the party pooper –

    So if indeed Nora and Kushibo turn out to be the same person, then what is going on here is Kushibo making it seem that he is taking the high road in response to yet another angry blogger who assails him (he is a lightning rod, you know. Nora refers to herself as one too), while his lesbian-Republican sock puppet can come on and make the accusations/insults for him. Classy. Now that IS my level!

    Note: In no way do I mean to imply anything negative about lesbians in the above comments. Although I can’t say some of my best friends are lesbians, I would really, really like to make some.

    So if Kushbio and Nora are indeed the same person and this is how Kushibo ‘rolls,’ then yes Kushibo, you are a dick and its probably best that you just scrap both blogs and try this whole experiment all over again. I think the blog name ‘Seoul of Kimchi ‘ is still available, though ‘This is Seoul Aim’ might be more fitting.

    If you consider yourself a friend on Kushibo and did not know about his Nora ruse, then you may have a blindspot concerning him. I can accept that he was a good friend to you in your time of trouble, but that is really nothing to do with what is happening here. No one can be an a**hole all the time. Some people on this thread that say they know Kushibo personally have testified to his volunteer work. I say that is good thing. But let it not blind us to what else he has been doing.

  3. comment number 3 by: GarlicBreath

    Hi Plunge.

    I think if you want to make a new identity with mellower point of view, it seems kind of silly. Why not just mellow your point of view from your current identity. People tend to respect those who admit mistakes. Anyway, that not what the “nora park’ identity did. “She” held the exact same positions as Kushibo did. And ‘she’ went a few steps further.

    She flirted with the k-male-blogisphere. (but not too much because ‘she’ is gay)- sorry but that is just gross.
    She made a huge issues on her blog and other blogs about ‘her’ gayness.-again gross (nothing wrong with being gay0
    Called people a racist anti-Koreans because ‘she’ is Korean after.-I call BS on that.
    She talked about these things extensively on ‘her’ blog and other blogs.

    Plunge do you really know kushbo? Do your really know your friend? he expressed remorse to your illness on his blog (so did nora and others) but also admits you have never met. Do you email or call often? What about Kushibos “nora park female” persona? Do you have contact with ‘her’?

    I don’t think you two (or three) are as tight as your comments would have people believe. I think that you share the same political (anti-Japanese, pro Korean nationalism) as kushibo and his female lesbian side. Because of that shared hatred and nationalism you have a bond. But maybe I am wrong. If you guys are friends, then surely you have talked about the outrageous charges that Kushibo is pretending to be a republican kyopo lesbian blogger. Was Kushibo convincing in his private rebuttal to the charges?

  4. comment number 4 by: KapSin

    How wonderful. One Korean apologist troll defends another Korean apologist troll.


  5. comment number 5 by: bighominid


    D’oh! What’s with the fixation, man? What? WHAT??

    On my knees, smacking head against pavement in suspiciously blowjob-like fashion,


  6. comment number 6 by: Matt


    D’oh! What’s with the fixation, man? What? WHAT??

    On my knees, smacking head against pavement in suspiciously blowjob-like fashion,


    OK, I fixed it. Maybe what I was writing was wishful thinking. Perhaps I will be the target of the party poopers next ‘gaywatch’.

  7. comment number 7 by: bighominid

    Joking aside, I should add that the “multiple identities” and “cross-dressing” issues, while fun to talk about, aren’t the heart of the problem. I agree with all the commenters who suggest this has more to do with honesty and credibility.


  8. comment number 8 by: GarlicBreath

    Matt you forgot to add Sheldon’s post on the JD HIlts/ Kushibo / Nora Park gender swapping blog list.

    Matt Said:

    August 8, 2006 at 4:44 am

    Places that are talking about Kushibo/Nora –

    The Party Pooper
    Lost Nomad
    Seoul Hero
    If anyone knows of any more, post them here


  9. comment number 9 by: usinkorea

    From Gord’s blog:

    So yeah, I think, on some level this sock-puppetry is a kind of symptom of some deep and serious problems in the kind of method of discussion we use in K-blogs, and in politics in general.

    I think this idea gets way too much attention.

    The handful of K-blogs I read are ones that post pretty much each day and ones that frequently post on geopolitical/social issues, and I do find that they focus a lot on the negative —— just like the news media in both the US and SK (and elsewhere) – which is where they get fresh items to post about usually.

    Expecting political/geopolitical commentary to be “mostly positive” would seem extremely far fectched, no?

    So, I don’t exactly know what constitutes “Korea bashing”. I know when I see it, but if all these people who talk about the K-blogging community being filled pretty much day to day with Korea bashing, I must use a different definition than most.

    For example, on my blog, I post on everything under the sun, and you will find my piling heaps on scorn on things I find in my daily life and reading where I live now – the US. Generally, just like with the K-blogs, I take stuff out of the news or what I might see on TV for the most part, and it tends to be negative.

    Does that mean I’m an America-basher?

    Like I said, I do see Korea bashing going on in the K-blogs in the comments section, but I don’t see it in the handful of blogs I read each day, and the regular commentors I see on the major blogs aren’t what I’d consider Korea bashers.

    And just now, I would think that perhaps one litmus test on how much something is “Korea bashing” would be if what is said has more truth than falsehood in it. For example, if someone is writing a negative post about the drug culture in America or high crime rate, they would have to do something special for me to believe they are simply “America bashing.”

    Another test would be whether Koreans tend to bitch about the same things. Or Americans for the US. Bitching about Roh or Bush is not much of a strong indicator of X-bashing.

    So to sum up, when I read Marmot’s Hole, Lost Nomad, GI Korea, Korea Liberator blogs and the comments there as well as here, I don’t generally seem to find “Korea bashing.”

    I find about what I would expect if the people writing this blogs were living in the US or Canada or France: people taking the time to bitch about things they are seeing the news or similar things on social issues that they have caught wind of in their daily lives.

  10. comment number 10 by: usinkorea

    On Plunge’s idea about posting under different names to explore sides of your personality. It’s a nice try to find an excuse, but I think it is in the end bullshit.

    I have no problems with people using different names on different blogs. I don’t really have too much problem with people using different names on the same blog – though I don’t really see a reason to do so that would not start to cross the line with me.

    But, even if we toss out the examples where Kushibo-Nora-Plus were the same person tag-teaming on threads to boost his own point and detract attention from others, what Kushibora was going with his “identity exploration” was wrong.

    Claiming that you are another gender so people will give you more credit on X issue is bullshit. Claiming that you are another race in a hope that it will give you credibility with readers is asshole territory. Claiming you identify yourself with X political party to add some kind of weight to your argument is wrong.

    If people want to post under different names and speak out on issues: and let their words speak for themselves, fine. But to create false personal information to use as a means to make your arguments (or really to cover up how weak your argument is by hoping to get instant crediblity) is bullshit.

    I really don’t want to know much personal information about a blogger or commentor. I like the fact that what you say is more important than who you are — but if someone is using “personal information” to boost their argument, they damn well shouldn’t lie.

    For example, I mention at times when talking about Korean issues that I taught in Korea for about 4 years and half that time was teaching only adults. I think that is important to know sometimes when I’m commenting about Korean adult attitudes in general. Now, if that were a lie, I’d be a huge jerk.

    If I decided to boost the credibility of my thoughts even more – by saying I was in fact a Korean adult who had lived my whole like in Korea and that I know from this total life experience Koreans believe X, Y, or Z —- but I am really an American who has just lived 4 years in Korea teaching adults, I’d be an incredible asshole.

  11. comment number 11 by: gordsellar

    Yo, usinkorea,

    #1. If you’re going to quote me, let me know it. Link back, email me, whatever. Don’t just quote me and leave it at that.

    #2. I don’t know exactly what you’re taking the above quote to mean, and you didn’t link back so that readers could get the context — bad bad bad you! — so I’ll explain what I meant. And I wasn’t specifically talking about Korea-bashing, despite your implication that I was. I was talking more about what happens in comments sections.

    In discussions about Korea, I find that sometimes foreigners do pretend they know it all when they’ve only lived here a few years. Sometimes I even get that way about pet theories.

    But what I also find is that whatever knowledge people may have — say, foreigners who’ve lived here ten or more years, and engaged with the people and learned a lot, who very obviously know what they’re talking about — get shot down as not knowing anything because they’re not Korean blooded. This is the same kind of thing I saw in school where female students would criticize male students’ readings of texts by a female author saying, not “You’re on the wrong track in this reading and this is why,” but, “Of course you’re wrong and will never understand because you’re male.”

    I agree — sock puppetry for the purposes of putting on credibility is a stomach-turning thing to do in some ways… with exceptions. When Alice Sheldon did it her whole career, publishing fiction as James Tiptree, it ended up more as an indictment of the SF genre’s editors and society in general. And that’s where I think you’re overgeneralizing your anger into an untenable opinion:

    Claiming that you are another gender so people will give you more credit on X issue is bullshit. Claiming that you are another race in a hope that it will give you credibility with readers is asshole territory. Claiming you identify yourself with X political party to add some kind of weight to your argument is wrong.

    Well, yes, it is, unless of course that’s the only way people will listen to you. I think of Alice Sheldon and I think, yeah, it’s pretty obvious to me that had she sent out a lot of her stories under a woman’s name, the reception would have been different.

    So while I distrust something this deceitful — putting on different names and tag-teaming your opponents is pretty damned low — also think that this kind of thing can only be a response to an environment in which discussions unfortunately do all too often focus on who is speaking, rather than what is being said.

    I agree that like most news sites, K-blogs focus on the negative. Hell, the negative is more interesting than all the positive, something many Koreans don’t seem keen on since it feels as if it’s a public (Korea-external accessible) put-down of the nation, rather than just more critical headlines. Now, I don’t think that for most Koreans, Korea-bashing requires falsehood — only public statement, a degree of indecorousness, and a focus on the negative. I never understood quite why people foudn this annoying, but a few friends and I discussed it, and finally they made me understand that while everyone agrees that the negative is more interesting (what do you think thoughtful, intelligent Koreans talk about with one another when whitey ain’t around?), these same people also feel as if their country’s negative points being criticized by foreigners is literally embarrassing.

    So people get emotional, and want to shut discussion down. And I find tha the method by which discussion does get shut down, on blogs and in-person, is often identity politics. “You’re color X, so you cannot and will never understand Y.” This kind of statement is not made in good faith — a good-faith statement would be, “You’re not from culture Y, so this aspect of culture Y may be foreign to you. Do you understand Q, R, and Z? Let’s talk about it.”

    But the thing is, when you’re dealing with negatives, prolonging the discussion isn’t something one wants to do in a public forum, especially for a society with an inferiority complex (remarkably similar to the Canadian one, in fact).

    So you get a lot of quick-measure attempts to shut down discussion and discredit individual opinions, and what do you know — lots of Koreans are critical of a lot of things we foreigners are critical about, but they don’t tend to publicize it. So most of the people complaining aren’t from here, and what a quick and easy solution — make it so people not born and raised here aren’t allowed to criticize.

    And the thing is, I think these kinds of stupidities arise on all sides, to some degree. Foreigner blog-commenters often take a harsh offensive when confronted with the above. Frustratedly, they seem to assert, “I bloody well DO have the right to discuss this, so there!” Kyopo commenters, because they’re just Korean enough, and just foreign enough, to have claim on both sides, seem to be distrusted by and unnerve both sides and the silencing used on them seems to be more subtle and more rooted in some kind of weird solidarity with people more “pure”. (Which is also, I think, why so many foreigners and so many Koreans alike seem down on kyopos — they don’t easily fit into this or that box. Or, in the case of one I knew once, fit into both boxes too well, and were envied for it.)

    All of which is one reason I rarely even look at comment sections on sites like Marmot’s… they’re just pointlessly rehearsing these kinds of tactics, and there’s rarely enough real credible discussion on either side.

    Anyway — I finally agree that using cheap and deceitful ways of boosting the credibility of your ideas is stupid… I also think that the same cheap and deceitful ways of destroying the credibiity of others is all-too-often used in the K-blogosphere’s comment sections.

    Last: here’s the link to the original post usinkorea quoted me from.

  12. comment number 12 by: usinkorea


    The post was linked to in the thread already which is how I came to it.

    I also was not rebutting you or the post. I wrote about the idea of K-bashing being one of the primary things that goes on in the K-blogsphere, and I used that quote as a starting off point.

    The whole post is about this topic in general in the K-blogsphere, not about you, your blog, or that one post in particular.

    I think when I said, “I think this idea gets way too much play” – I sufficiently de-linked it to you specifically and pointed out I was talking about a trend far beyond you or that one quote.

    I’m not familiar with the author you metion, but don’t you think you are talking about apples and oranges when it comes to fiction writing and non-fiction writing on political issues?

    I really couldn’t care less whether a novelist uses his real name or not. I guess I would probably have to get more information to draw any tentative conclusion if we were talking about – say – a white male from Canada publishing fiction in Argentina under a hispanic, Argentinian name and a blurb bio saying he was a female Argintinian with 2 kids who grew up in the projects of some city down there.

    When you are dealing with fiction writing, you are talking about a whole other animal (or fruit – to keep with the cliched phrase used above).

    also think that this kind of thing can only be a response to an environment in which discussions unfortunately do all too often focus on who is speaking, rather than what is being said.

    I disagree.

    I think the fact he was posting editorials in the Korean press pretending to be a Korea shows it is in his nature to be this kind of asshole.

    And I think there are plenty of comments written above by myself and others who have made a fair enough case about how what was the problem with Kushibo was not “who he was” but how shittily he made his points. He was a soap in the tub type argument maker, and I agree with these others who say THAT is why he chose to sock puppet. It wasn’t because, gosh darn it, nobody would listen to him because of who he was, so he needed to invent republican lesbians and Korean national IDs just so we would entertain his thoughts. In fact, I would tentatively say it seems what actually happened was —— no matter what persona he posted under, when he stuck to the same ideas he had as Kushibo, and used the same habits in developing his ideas, those arguments were picked apart much the same as they were when was whoever you think we all thought Kushibo was (which is why we rejected “him”). What I mean is, how poorly Kushibo made his points and how out of wack some of those points were what led people like myself to go around with him on issues, not who he was. I had no clue who he was. And when he came on as Nora, supporting Kushibo, “she” ended up running into the same kind of opposition. And Admiral Yi took a more confrontational approach, but again met with the same rebuttals —- whether he claimed to be Korean or not.

    So people get emotional, and want to shut discussion down. And I find tha the method by which discussion does get shut down, on blogs and in-person, is often identity politics.

    I guess much or most of this boils down to what blogs you and I are reading. I don’t read many – only a handful – but everyday, and I don’t find the discussions breaking down all the time like this.

    Or maybe it is how I read them as well. I don’t read every post. I also don’t read every comment. I read almost every comment, but when I start to see a comment is going to be a useless diatribe, I skip over it, and when I find over time that X is a commenter who constantly degrades the discussion with the same race-baiting or off-base attack on K-blogs as nothing but race-baiting —- I skip over all their comments.

    Maybe it is this limited reading of the K-blogsphere and somewhat limited reading of the comments sections of the blogs I do read daily that gives me a different impression of what goes on.

    Reading it my way, I tend to get some good insights from people who have enough familiarity with Korea to comment on things they run across as well as the few Koreans (either abroad or in Korea) who take the time to comment.

    All of which is one reason I rarely even look at comment sections on sites like Marmot’s… they’re just pointlessly rehearsing these kinds of tactics, and there’s rarely enough real credible discussion on either side.

    And so I would disagree with that.

    Marmot’s is one of the blogs I read daily, and in my general habit of reading, I like the comments section. I like to see what others think about what was said in the news or recent events. And passing over the dribble, I find enough meaty conversation does go on.

    It does tend to repeat itself, but that again is a product of what they get out of the news and out of the society as a whole – and by society I mean in a generic sense – because many of the same problems and topics tend to be rehashed in a society year to year.

  13. comment number 13 by: tomojiro54


    Does anybody has noticed this?



    what does this means?

  14. comment number 14 by: tomojiro54

    Well to add something what I have written above,
    It seems that Kushibo himself has admitted that he is Nora or Nora is Kushibo.

    Maybe there is “Gender Identity Disorder” involved in his problem. If it is so then we have to consider about that….

  15. comment number 15 by: usinkorea

    Where’s Waldo?

    Should we send out a search party?

  16. comment number 16 by: Matt

    Well to add something what I have written above,
    It seems that Kushibo himself has admitted that he is Nora or Nora is Kushibo.

    Hi tomojiro54,

    I dont think that what was written in the comments section of that other blog constitutes an admission from Kushibo. Anyone could have written that.

    Maybe there is “Gender Identity Disorder” involved in his problem. If it is so then we have to consider about that….

    I very much doubt that.

  17. […] Now that Nora has disappeared after I exposed ‘her’, there is no one around in the Korea related blogosphere to write about lesbian issues. I will make an attempt in true finger chopping wacky Occidentalism style. […]

  18. comment number 18 by: Sonagi

    KapSin Said:

    August 8, 2006 at 7:10 pm

    I say there’s a better than 50-50 chance that Sonagi is Kushibo.

    Sonagi is my only handle. Since mid-August I have been posting from Virginia and previous to that, Illinois. Matt can verify this.

  19. comment number 19 by: Sonagi

    BTW, KapSin, you seem to know my writing so well as to speculate that Kushibo and I might be one and the same. I don’t post much here, but I’m a frequent commentator at the Marmot’s. I don’t recall seeing any posts under the handle KapSin there. Are you another lurker like Garlic Breath?

  20. comment number 20 by: Expat Nation! » Rokon Magazine

    […] One the other end of the spectrum, is the recent huge mystery and controversy that has infected much of the Korean expat blogosphere the last month or so over whether two well known bloggers in Korea were the same person.Australian-based blogger Matthew Rowe wrote on his blog Occidentalism (https://www.occidentalism.org/?p=296) a lengthy investigation into a series of strange connections and coincidences between Kushibo and the lesbian Republican blogger Nora Park. Yawn. Still there? […]

  21. comment number 21 by: Occidentalism

    […] Kushibo’s lesbian republican sock was nowhere to be seen and is presumably vacationing in a Siberian gulag. […]

  22. comment number 22 by: Darin

    Am I reading this right? Does “T.N. Park [email protected]” sign off as,

    TNP (aka kushibo)

  23. comment number 23 by: GarlicBreath


    Yes, Kushibo (JD Hilts) created a Korean sounding name to sound like an authority on Koreaweb. T N Park was a fake name he used. If you look at Koreaweb you will notice that people use their real name, but not our boy JD Hilts. He used fake names.

  24. comment number 24 by: Occidentalism » Fan mail

    […] YoungRocco seems to be under the mistaken impression that I am commenter Weisunja, just as he is mistaken about a great many things. If you want to claim that someone has multiple IDs, or is trolling, then the standard for doing it is right here. […]

  25. comment number 25 by: gbnhj

    Well, there could be yet another sock.

    I came across it through blog-surfing. I went from Marmot’s Hole to Migukin (couldn’t believe that it was still on the blogroll, after the update), where I found a link to Kushibo’s blog. As few blogs link to it these days, I decided to see what, if anything, was there.

    A check of ‘Ask Kushibo’ revealed some new activity: a poster named ‘slb159’ wrote

    You should sign up for a poker account somewhere and get Melinda to do so as well.

    While that seemed a little cryptic to me, Kushibo nonetheless replied, so I wondered who ‘Melinda’ might be. Well, I believe she’s to be found in ‘Quips and responses’.

    Both this Melinda and the one mentioned in the other thread by slb159 are into poker, and while there might be two poker-playing women in the Korean-blogosphere named Melinda, they wouldn’t both be represented with the same username on Kushibo’s blog.

    So what’s there? It’s a trove of interesting crap: lots of bashing of Jodi (from ‘Asia Pages’), lesbian strip poker, and a brawny alcoholic ex-boyfriend who steals Melinda’s password and surreptitiously writes as her on her blog. Hmm – now, does that sound familiar to anyone?

    If you read through the comments, you’ll find that others were calling ‘bullshit’ on the veracity of this blog.

    So, what do you think: is it another sock?

  26. […] Oh, really? If you want to pull this kind of thing then you need to show some actual proof. You need as much proof as I presented when I exposed Kushibo/Nora. […]

  27. comment number 27 by: GarlicBreath

    Here he is.

    I seem to remember reading that he was part corean and part Japanese. Hmmmm.. more bullshit.