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The Wheels of Justice in Korea … Shim Hyung-rae performing at a pojang-macha near you.

September 1st, 2011 . by Errol

On Wednesday, Shim was reported to have been probed (where is Rip Torn when you need him?) by a local employment and labor agency for his company’s alleged failure to pay about 800 million won (US$753,437) in monthly wages and retirement benefits for its employees.

Hyundai Swiss Savings Bank earlier sued Shim on suspicion that his company failed to repay about 2.6 billion won borrowed to produce the 2007 movie “D-War.”

Shim won the first case but lost in an appeals court in May this year. The case now awaits ruling by the Supreme Court.

Comedian-turned-director falls into trap of debts after film’s flop

The Korea Herald 2011-09-01

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