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Top Women Cops and Young Korean Man catching Korean Bad Guys

April 30th, 2011 . by Errol

Park Mi-ok, 43, is the chief of the violent crime unit and Song Eun-ju, 44, is a police sergeant.

Park is a legend in the violent crime unit. For the past 10 years, Park has repeatedly received promotions in recognition of her achievements and recently became the chief of the unit.

Both women are highly skilled at judo and kendo and take boxing classes as well as participate in marathons.

The two recently teamed up for the case of a doctor suspected of killing his eight-month pregnant wife in Seoul. They carefully put together the pieces of the puzzle and found enough evidence to have the husband arrested.

Two women earn ‘Top Cops’ honour

Park Chan-am, 22, chief of security technology analysis at Softforum, a computer security software company is cynical about the recent hacking incidents at Nonghyup Bank. He says that only after a company is hacked does it make a fuss about reinforcing its security system.

“Korean companies try to hide problems and only hold security personnel responsible after hacking incidents occur,” said Park, who is considered one of the top five experts in security software based on the Unix and Linux systems.

“Companies often spend billions of won in buying equipment (with the associated kickbacks), but are reluctant to invest in the personnel necessary to operate it,” said Park. “The most economic solution is to invest in skilled personnel.”

Joongang Ilbo April 30, 2011

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