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Unbelievable – UK bombers refugees

July 28th, 2005 . by Matt

21/7 bomber Yasin Hassan Omar, proof that some refugees are ‘persecuted’ in their home countries for a reason

The Herald Sun has reported that two of the bombers in the latest attack on 21/7 were refugees being provided political asylum in Britain.

The two bombers were identified as Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, from the war-torn Horn of Africa nation of Somalia; and Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, thought to be from the troubled northeast African nation of Eritrea.

As polls show growing public concern about Britain’s Muslim community, the fact that Omar has been paid almost $60,000 in state benefits over six years is likely to cause more outrage.

He appears to have been living free in the one-bedroom flat in the northern suburb of Southgate after receiving political asylum.

The bombs were believed to have been assembled there.

Not only was one of the bombers recieving a free apartment at the expense of British taxpayers, but he had recieved a significant amount of money in welfare payouts too. Protected from ‘political persecution’ by Britain, he has turned around and attacked the country that provided him with asylum. The fact is that a lot of refugees (particularly from Muslim countries) that are forced to flee their homelands do so because they follow hardline Islamic beliefs that are too extreme even for the governments of the Middle East.

Minutes ago, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 9 more people, including Yasin Hassan Omar, has been apprehended by the police.

Now that they have all these people alive and in custody, I hope that the authorities will use any effective method to extract information from these individuals. In a just world, this should mean the expulsion of radical Islamic clerics from the UK, along with a new recognition by the government and the public that freedom of religion should not serve as a cover for terrorism promotion and rabble rousing.

Let us see if the UK government has the backbone to take the necessary measures, or if they will continue to pretend the problem doesnt exist until the next bombing happens.

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  1. comment number 1 by: eli

    Take a look at this, the New York Times is coming to its senses!

  2. […] I took the name of this post from The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. I am not saying that the ‘British Empire’ is falling, it already has, what I am referring to the the lack of moral compass in the British government (and presumably the people that are electing these demagogues). I have been following the progress of the British decline, and the outlook seems bleak. From the impossibility of a politically correct ‘war on terror’, to refusing to deport ‘refugees’ that express terrorist sentiments, to banning Winnie the Pooh because it is the subject of one of the taboos of a backward people, Britain can no longer tell right from wrong, let alone fight for what is right. […]