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Update on Filipina Masseuse Murder on Boracay

March 21st, 2008 . by Gerry-Bevers

As I posted about HERE, a Filipina Masseuse was found murdered on the Philippine island of Boracay on the morning of March 7, and a 44-year-old German national has been charged with the murder, though he denies it.

Now, two weeks later, a “conscience-stricken” Filipino fisherman has come forward to say he saw the German dragging the body of the woman “at the front beach in Yapak Village” at 2:45 a.m. on March 7. He said the German then left the scene aboard his motorcycle.

The Filipino fisherman said that he did not report the murder because he feared he would be blamed for it.

The German has been charged with rape and homicide. You can read the story HERE.

There are still some things about this case that smell fishy.

  1. First, it is hard for me to believe that the Filipino man would not have reported the murder at the time. And why didn’t he immediately come forward after he heard the the German had been arrested for it?
  2. Second, how could the Filipino man have recognized the German at night on a dark beach without being close enough for the German to see him?
  3. Third, the fisherman said the incident took place at 2:45 a.m., which seems like a pretty exact time. If the fisherman were really scared he would be accused of the crime and hurried off home, would he really have taken the time to look at his watch (if he had one) to make sure that the crime took place at 2:45? It would have been much more believeable for me if he had said “sometime between 2 and 3 a.m.”
  4. Forth, the fisherman said that after dragging the dead women onto the beach, the German got on his motorcycle and drove off, which suggests that the German brought the woman to the beach on his noisy motorcycle. Would the man really be driving around with a dead body draped over his motorcycle? And if the German had raped and killed the woman on the beach, why would he bother dragging the body after she was dead instead of just getting on his motorcycle and leaving right away? And if she were raped on the beach, wouldn’t someone have heard her screams?
  5. Fifth, the police described the eyewitness as a “breakthrough” in the case, which suggests that their case against the German was not as strong as they had previously claimed.
  6. Finally, the German was charged with “rape” and homocide, which should mean that if the German had raped the woman, the police should have DNA and other evidence to prove it, but I get the impression that they do not have that kind of evidence based on the fact that this eyewitness was described as a “breakthrough.” 

As I said before, I do not know if the German did it or not, but something smells fishy.

6 Responses to “Update on Filipina Masseuse Murder on Boracay”

  1. comment number 1 by: empraptor

    Some comments on your list

    1. He did state that he was afraid of being implicated in the crime. Consider the case that he is telling the truth. I can see how many people in that kind of situation would hesitate and mull over whether to report it.

    2. I certainly don’t know what kind of lighting or cover there was at the beach. Maybe you have other sources of information that you did not provide on the blog?

    3. Why assume he checked the time in order to remember when he witnessed it? For all we know, he could have been worried about being out so late and was aware of time before the described event.

    4. Why assume the motorcycle is noisy? Why assume transportation of dead body involved the motorcycle? If you consider the case that he did commit the crime, could her death not have happened near enough to not require a form of transportation? If we see the bloody clothing found in his room to indicate the location of the crime, then I guess your point here makes more sense.

    But one of the articles you linked mentions that his bike is big – big enough to be able to stabilize a corpse? And if you ask whether the fisherman could have made out his face in the dark, should you not ask if people he would pass by could distinguish between a dead woman and a sleepy/tired woman?

    5. If it were me investigating the case, I’d say it’s a breakthrough to get an eye-witness to the crime instead of just circumstantial evidence (the bloody clothing in the suspect’s room) and testimonies about his possible use of marijuana that night. Some quotes from the articles you linked in your last post:

    “They said they have a witness who saw the suspect drinking with the victim at a bar the night before the incident.”

    “Police are also looking into the possibility that Westerer was high on drugs when he killed Dela Rosa, after witnesses at the bar said he reeked of marijuana.”

    “Police said their suspicions were raised when they found the bloodied clothing of a woman inside the house of Wenterrer.”

    “Westerer said the scratches on his face and his bloodied clothing came from an accident involving his big bike. The police, however, noted the absence of damage in his motorcycle.”

    (If it is true that the bloody clothing was a woman’s, his statement about the supposed accident seems to imply he was wearing a woman’s clothes while riding his big motorcycle.)

    6. I don’t know how they define rape in Philippines. But could have something to do with inserting a bottle in her genitalia if that did not appear consensual? Or other evidence that indicate non-consensual sex? The body did spend hours in water – I don’t have the knowledge but could be whatever bodily fluids they may have found is no use. Or that they don’t have established procedures or facilities for that kind of testing.

  2. comment number 2 by: GarlicBreath

    There seems to be so many Coreans in the Philipines they are bumping into each other.

    A CRIMINAL case has been filed against the Korean national who killed a fellow countryman after jumping from the Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu and landing on the latter.

    I think the jumper should get a darwin award.

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  5. comment number 5 by: chase

    For some reason, this blog suddenly looks very different on my coumputer. It has a white background with no dividers. Everything exists, but in different order. Did you change the design recently?

  6. comment number 6 by: john k

    yes…the whole web page is messed up..????????