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Video: “Could a Jew join the Klu Klux Klan?”

May 23rd, 2007 . by Gerry-Bevers

This is pretty interesting.

Video: “Could a Jew join the Ku Klux Klan?

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  1. comment number 1 by: Ken

    “Black, Jews and Japanese” translation through Excite (If you have spare time).
    “It becomes South Central if it westers from Downtown in Los Angeles a little.
    It lives, it changes, and it has changed into the low income hierarchy ,in a word, black’
    s town now though the great antiquity was a white high-level residential area.

    It was a Jewish immigrant to have started the business such as food and miscellaneous
    goods first in such a town.
    Jews straightened the sizable sum of money there, and allotted it to educational expense
    of children.
    Children who grew up would take an active part before long in Judicial circles and
    Hollywood, and build the house for parents in Malibu etc.
    Parents folded the shop in the black town, and left.

    It was Japanese that came to the black town as follows in place of the Jew.
    They also worked hard.
    When the capital collected, the black town was opened, and it started in life, and super
    and the laundry were opened to the white town.
    Slightly elevated hill Poltshaits that looks down at Little Tokyo becomes Japanese uptown
    where those days succeed.
    The blacks said to the Japanese who went out.
    「The Jew was seen off in old times. And, the Japanese is seen off this time. I am only seen
    off in. 」。

    After the Japanese goes out, the South Korean has entered. And, atmosphere changed
    greatly till then.
    A new manager did not do even though he or she concealed negligence to the guest
    hard to please.
    The black girl shoplifted small articles in General Store that they managed on such
    a day at the time of which being.
    The woman of the manager who was looking after the store shot the gun and
    possession doing and the black girl were shot from the back.
    The girl died immediately.

    The resident who was feeling the unpleasantness increasing surrounded the shop to them raging.
    Loss city mobilized and entering and it ..feelings.. resulted ..fumigation.. immanence making rather. The voice “That shop is made to be done” will be whispered several times among officials.

    The black mob attacked a near shopping street, set the fire or plundered the commodity.
    The commotion has expanded according to the western in the west. In the riot that had seemed to expand disorder it, there was a to tell the truth clear target.
    Plunder and the combustion killing concentrated on the South Korean town and the shop.
    South Koreans also bore arms according to it and it shot off a gun with the black without appearance Mon.
    The dead of the loss riot reached 50 other people in four days.
    The South Korean town was severely criticized that city was passive to the riot suppression.
    When the responsibility from which the sacrifice is forced on us of safety is in the city administration.

    The South Korean bares feelings soon, and pursues others’ your duties. The citizens felt
    that they were difficult people.

    When the United States requested the Iraq dispatching soldiers from South Korea, South Korea demanded suitably , saying that “It wants you to think about the north morning group from Iraq” that not was.
    The United States threw deeper anger at the time of France. If you translate literally
    「What do you pull out?The outskirts nation was divided without permission and it fought. 36,000 American soldiers died for that. Was it forgotten?」。

    Anti-American is already established though South Korea elected the
    soldier in surprise in South Korea.
    The United States is in the direction where Himotai with South Korea
    is cut more than the appearance in the with a hurl of the sword.
    There is not an obligation to which the foreign country puts out the
    mouth and Kane of the problem of the same people even if it is said
    the North Korea problem either.”

  2. comment number 2 by: kjeff

    Long…off-topic…off-topic…off-topic…schizophrenic(your comment, not you).

  3. comment number 3 by: HanComplex

    Thank you for the post. I think this line alone says much:

    After the Japanese goes out, the South Korean has entered. And, atmosphere changed
    greatly till then.

    Compared to other Asian Americans such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc., Koreans are the most xenophobic ethnic group especially when it comes to race relations with blacks. Is there really any wonder why Koreatown was razed to the ground while other Asian towns were left standing during the LA riots? The mobs knew that area was primarily Korea-owned. The racist treatment blacks received from Koreans over the years grew into resentment and erupted when that (unarmed) black girl was shot and killed. So obviously the conflict had a history behind it.
    You just have to wonder about Koreans who keep insisting their brethren’s racist attitudes have nothing to do with the racial friction that sparked that incident. These Koreans must inhabit a fantasy world, not unlike those sappy soaps they love to watch. Not surprisingly, these are the same ones who are loathe to criticize and find fault in their own culture. They should keep it up, so their nation and culture remain backward and underdeveloped. As long as Koreans save face and look good, cultural progress and advancement can always take a back seat.

  4. comment number 4 by: kjeff


    They should keep it up, so their nation and culture remain backward and underdeveloped. As long as Koreans save face and look good, cultural progress and advancement can always take a back seat.

    LOL…criticizing one’s culture as being racist and condoning/justifying/rationalizing other of doing the same, with violence no less.
    Oh yeah…off-topic…must be a slow day in Korean-bashers’ world, digging-up over a decade old case.

  5. comment number 5 by: kjeff

    Again GarlicBreath, sorry, it was meant for HanComplex…

  6. comment number 6 by: Ken

    Calm down or you may make serious mistake.
    That is just a trivial part of a reportage.
    By the way, how about my analysis on Korean economy stated there?
    Thank you for having shown interest in my post.
    It is just for a reference as nobody replied to this topic though Gerry says interesting.